How to Mute Discord Users

Since you’re looking for instructions on how to mute someone on Discord, it means that you’ve come across a fairly active and busy Discord server, or maybe someone who’s really annoying. Whatever the reason, know that Discord gives you many options to filter and prioritize your notifications so you don’t miss anything important. Discord is a popular communication platform used to connect with people. With Discord you can chat with your friends, discuss voice channels and live stream your favorite games. This article is about how to Mute Discord Users.

Sometimes people do all kinds of things during voice chat, including eating loudly or making unwanted noise. At this point it becomes very annoying for you and everyone else in the voice channel. The best way to deal with such a situation is to mute it. When you mute one person, you can’t hear what the other person is saying to you on the voice channel.

How to Mute Someone on Discord in Smartphone and Desktop

How to mute someone in a voice channel from the Discord mobile app

  • Join a voice channel on the Discord server.
  • Tap and hold the Discord user you want to mute.
  • Tap Mute to turn the switch on.
  • You can’t hear the dissenting user while they’re muted, and there’s no voice channel notification to indicate you’ve muted them until you tap and hold their dissenting user and check that tick the mute enabled box.

How to mute someone in a Discord voice channel from a desktop web browser

  • Join a voice on a Discord server.
  • Right-click the Discord user you want to mute, then click Mute (to check the mute box). The Discord user is now muted.

Final Words

We hope our article on how to mute users in Discord will help you and solve all your problems. Discord allows users to mute someone’s sound in the voice channel. If you want to know how to do it follow the steps mentioned above.

I hope you understand this article, How to Mute Discord Users.

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