How to horizontally center a cell in Excel

It’s typical to want to know how to center a cell horizontally in Excel when trying to construct a clean document.

Large cells can cause the contents of the cell to be pushed all the way to the end of a corner. But Excel has a built-in tool that can move the content to the precise center of the cell in both the vertical and horizontal planes. You can do this with Excel’s align tool.

Process of centering a cell horizontally in Excel

Creating a professional looking Excel spreadsheet for your business to use can make the data within much more accessible and simpler to read and analyze. The various features of Excel make it doable. Putting the focus in the center of the page by centering the headers and cells is one method. The following is a description of the steps involved:

  • Select the cell where you want to center the information and click the cell title bar. To select a range of cells, press and hold the upper left cell of the range you want to select. Next, release the mouse as you drag it to the lower right cell of the range.
  • Start by selecting “Home,” then go to “Alignment” section of the ribbon and hit the small arrow on the edge.
  • To select “Center” from the “Horizontal” Drop down menu.
  • To select “OK” to center the text.

Process of centering text in a cell in Excel

Centering data text in a cell is a quick and easy way to enhance the aesthetics of any data table. After reading or seeing it, you will feel a profound effect. Two possible approaches are listed below.

Using the Excel Ribbon

The quickest approach to center content in a cell in Excel is to use the Excel ribbon. Apply the Center content option to focus attention in the center of the page, or use the Format tool to implement a variety of formatting styles for your work in Excel. If you follow the instructions below, you will be able to easily center content in a cell using either of these two formats.

The Home tab at the top of the window is where you’ll find the Center content setup. This makes it easy to locate and employ. Choose the entire data table at the start and go to the Home menu. Then, at the top of the ribbon, select Center from the Alignment submenu.


Once you’re done, the final result should look like the image below.

image below

The Format button on the Ribbon tab is another alternative. To get started, choose the Home tab and select the entire data table. Next, select the Format tab, then select Format Cells.

Format cells

The Format Cells popup will then appear. Then, select Alignment from the menu. Now, in the Text Alignment menu, choose Center for both the Horizontal and Vertical options. The final step is to press OK to proceed.

Text alignment menu

If you have done all the instructions correctly, you should get the results shown below.

results shown below

Text can be centered in a cell using the context menu if the Center Text ribbon bar is not available or if you choose to use the keyboard and mouse instead of the touchscreen. To get started, right-click on the table to choose the data value of the entire table. In the next window, click on the tab labeled “Format Cells”.

Format cells

This will trigger the next appearance of the Screen Format Cells popup. Choose Alignment once more, then go to the Text Alignment options and adjust the Vertical and Horizontal alignments to Center.

Text alignment

Clicking OK should produce a result similar to the one shown in the following image.


Process of centering text across multiple cells in Excel

It is crucial to merge multiple cells in Excel and align the text within the merged cells when working with large amounts of data. This data will be incomprehensible without this.

First, we wrote “Center text on multiple cells” in B2. Next, we format the headings of column B and column C to read as follows:

More cells

Therefore, choose cells B2 and C2 after. Next, select the Merge & Center button from the Home menu.

Merge and center

Eventually, we will get a result like the one shown in the next image.

next image

Transfer information from Excel’s vertical column to horizontal cells

Using Excel’s transpose function, you can quickly transform a list of vertical columns into a table of horizontal cells. This is a great resource to have on hand. It may be more convenient to put column information in one row when inserting a spreadsheet. It may be possible to do this by moving the cells around. However, there is a faster method.

Among the many paste choices available is the Transpose function; here’s how it works in practice.

Get a copy of vertical information. The twelve months of the year provide a useful illustration here. Choose some text by clicking and dragging, then copy it with Ctrl + C.

horizontal cells

Find the cell where you want to enter the information, then drag it to choose it. You can access the Paste button context menu by clicking the down arrow next to it (you can choose from the respective Paste Special selections).

Paste special

Press the Transpose button and confirm your selection. As a result, the top row now contains vertical information.

vertical information

Process of merging cells in Excel

Without resizing the rows or columns, cells can be merged to make one larger cell.

  • You can perform a cell merge by selecting the cells to combine.
  • Then choose the arrow next to Merge list.
  • Choose a combination to merge.

The cells are combined into a larger entity. Where previously there was text in more than one cell, only the contents of the upper left cell will be retained.

How to center worksheet horizontally in Excel

Frequent questions

How do you center horizontally in Excel?

Reply- Choose Margins from the Page Layout menu. After that, select the custom margins option. Choose Horizontally and Vertically under Center on Page in the Page Setup dialog. This will ensure that the document is centered on the printed page.

What does it mean to center cells horizontally in Excel?

Reply- Cell alignment in Microsoft Excel refers to how you set the position of text or numbers within a cell. When you align vertically, you have the option to align top, center, or bottom. In addition to vertical alignment, left, center and right alignment in the horizontal plane are also possible.

Can you align cells horizontally and vertically?

Reply- It is possible to align the cells both vertically and horizontally. Choose the cells you want to align and click the Align button. Click the desired vertical alignment option to align the cells in that direction. Select the desired horizontal alignment option to align the cells on the page.


It’s crucial to make your Excel datasheet as understandable as possible. It would be very helpful to learn how to center a cell horizontally in Excel for this purpose. Cell content can be centered easily using the provided alignment and format tools.

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