How to hide a page on a dealer website 2023


In this article we will discuss how to hide a web page on the website? The website is a great place to find new customers, but it can also be used by suppliers as a way to gain visibility and promote their company. The problem is, if you want to hide a page on this website, there’s no easy way to do it without creating a whole new page. We will reveal to you how easy it is!

Visit the website

Visit and also click on the “login” button here upper right corner from your show. Enter your username and password and click “Submit”.

Go to “Design and Content”.

Most likely, go to and click on the “Style & Materials” button in the upper right corner of the screen.
You will definitely land on a page that looks like this:
Click on the web page you want to hide
See the “Site Pages” tab
Click on the page you want to hide from public view and go to it by clicking on its name in the upper right corner of your account control panel (if you don’t see this option, click on “Settings” at the top of your page. toolbar ).
Go to Edit > Web Pages – or select a specific web page from here if you have more than one – and also as Deactivation is shown below.
Find and click the web page you want to hide
Go to the web page you want to hide
Discover and also click on the name of the page (web link at the start of this article).
Click Edit next to Disable Page.
Click “Edit”.
To hide a web page on the website, you must visit the web page you want to hide and also check the box next to “Disable the page” so that you don’t get the search engine results. . When this is actually done, click on the “Apply Changes” button.

Check the box next to “Disable page”.

In the Activities column of the control panel, click the “Disable Web Page” link.
After clicking on this link, you will be prompted to confirm that you intend to deactivate this product/service as well as related items (if applicable). Click “OKAY” when these questions are asked so we can remove them from our website. *.
If you have any questions about this process or need any other assistance with hiding pages on, please contact us. [email secured] Click “Apply Changes”.
Click “Apply Changes” to confirm the deactivation of the webpage. You will be able to see the page is actually closed and you can now close the “Edit Web Page” window.

Confirm the deletion of the page by clicking the “OK” button.

Since the page is hidden from public view, you can confirm its deactivation by clicking the “OK” button. The web page will certainly now be unavailable to site visitors without an account or those who do not have access to the website.

If you want to reactivate your web page at any point in the future, simply log in to your account and click on the “My Pages” button. From here, select one of the previously hidden websites and also click on “Show”.


This tutorial covers how to hide a web page, but there are several other attributes you can use to personalize your site. If you have any questions about this process or want more details on how to hide web pages on

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