How to get Oceanic+ app for Apple Watch Ultra

Apple and Oceanic have partnered to turn the Apple Watch Ultra into an advanced dive computer with a new app available now. It is also user-friendly and works for snorkeling and surface diving as well as diving. Here’s how to get the Oceanic+ app, what features are included, pricing details, and more.

While Oceanic+ may seem like an app for serious outdoor enthusiasts, Oceanic notes that it’s also great for snorkeling or diving and is “really easy to use.”

“The new Oceanic+ app for Apple Watch Ultra turns the watch you wear every day into a fully capable computer for diving and snorkeling. It includes all the essential features divers need, and is innovatively easy to use.”

However, it offers advanced features for seasonal divers such as an advanced planner, built-in Variometer, decompression details, post-dive notebook with improved GPS, and more.

How to get the dive Oceanic+ Apple Watch Ultra app

  • Here is the official Oceanic+ App Store listing
    • The app is designed specifically for Apple Watch Ultra and requires watchOS 9.1 running on iPhone 8/SE gen 2 or later iOS 16.1.
  • If you just search for “Oceanic” in the App Store without the “+”, you might find a different app like the one above.
  • Be sure to download the “Oceanic+ Dive Computer App” if you’re looking for an Apple Watch Ultra in the App Store.

The price of the Oceanic+ app varies

  • Oceanic+ is a free download to try out many of the app’s features
  • If you want all the advanced features, daily, monthly and yearly plans are available
    • $4.99/day
    • $9.99/month
    • $79.99/year
    • Family plan up to 5 – $129.99/year

Oceanic + free vs paid features

Here are the main features of the app, check the chart below for everything that is included in the free and paid version:

  • Scuba, Snorkeling, & Surface Modes
  • Pre-Dive Location Planner with Surface and Water Conditions
  • No Deco Dive Planner Calculates Depth & Time
  • Built-in Variometer, 3D Tilt Compensation Compass & More Tools
  • Track Current Depth, Remaining Dive Time, & Ascent Rates
  • Easy-to-Read Color-Coded Accurate Dive Parameters
  • Advanced GPS Post-Dive Logbook
  • Personal Dive Statistics
  • Visual and Haptic Safety Alerts
  • 7 Watch Facial Expressions
  • The Apple Watch Ultra and Oceanic+ are capable of being dropped to 40 meters/130 feet
Get the Oceanic+ Apple Watch Ultra app features and pricing

For more information on the Oceanic+ app, check out Apple’s launch announcement and our full coverage.

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