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Discord is an amazing app for gamers that allows them to create and customize servers, add members, create text/voice channels, and use a variety of bots to optimize their server experience. However, like many other apps, Discord has some special features that are behind a paywall, including Nitro.

How to get Free Nitro on Discord?

If $10 a month for Discord isn’t your cup of tea, we’ve got you covered. Our guide will discuss several ways to get free Nitro on Discord and what you can do instead of buying a paid subscription. So read on.

What is Discord Nitro?

If you’re new to Discord, it can be understandably difficult to figure out what Nitro does. However, discord Nitro provides its users with many additional features that make it easier to navigate and use the app. Plus, if you’re someone who regularly uses Discord for gaming or live streaming, Nitro makes your experience a lot smoother.

Discord Nitro offers a number of fantastic benefits: it improves your voice, video and text conversations. In addition, Nitro provides animated avatars, a personalized label, two server boosts, 30% off future boosts, the ability to create your own emojis, profile badges to show your support, larger uploads that include high-quality videos, screenshots sharing, and Go Live streaming.

What is the price of Discord Nitro?

A basic Discord Nitro subscription retails for $10 per month. While Discord offers a variety of features to all of its users, if you want priority promotions for the main interface, you should invest in Nitro. However, you can opt for Nitro Basic if you want exclusive features without spending $10 a month.

Nitro Basic is a cheaper subscription that costs $3 per month and gives you basic features to enhance your Discord experience.

How to get Discord Nitro for free?

Not everyone will spend $10 or even $3 to access online features. Therefore, if you are interested in Nitro and want to try it for free, there are many ways.

Method #1: Discord Nitro Free Trials

The best way to try and see if a subscription is worth it is to opt for free trials. Free trials are the best way to get 100% genuine Nitro for free and you don’t have to worry about having anything to do with third party sources. Additionally, some of these free trials can allow users to enjoy Discord Nitro for up to three months.

However, the downside of free trials is that it is not promised to all users. Discord offers free Nitro trials to its new users when it’s feeling generous. This is because they have a strict policy around free Nitro. If others around you are getting the free Nitro option, you can go to your account’s billing menu and see if you’re eligible.

Method #2: Get Discord Nitro gifted

Disagreement for social bonding largely depends on its characteristics. Therefore, they have introduced an option to gift Nitro to others. Likewise, people with Nitro may provide you with certain ingredients from time to time.

If you have a group of friends or an online circle, it might be time to ask for a favor. Of course, you can also redeem such gifts after having a Discord Nitro subscription.

Method #3: Discord Partner Program

This is a tricky method to get Nitro, but it’s useful if you’re lucky or have a large following on Discord. Many social media platforms offer partnerships and sponsorships to eligible streamers, and so does Discord.

Affiliate programs are designed to provide and give back to some of the most influential servers on the Discord platform. Therefore, you can get the full features of Discord Nitro without spending a single dollar. However, your servers must meet strict criteria to be eligible for the affiliate program.

First, your server must be a community server. If it’s not, you’ll need to change it to one to apply for Discord sponsorship. Metrics depend on the number of members on your servers and the quality, moderation and engagement of your server.

To be eligible, your server must have at least 500 or more users, be at least eight weeks old, be considered active, and be viewed as a pleasant environment without profanity or hate speech.

You can try for an affiliate program at any time, and even though it might not work out, it’s always worth a shot.

Method #4: Using the YouTube platform to get free Nitro

Youtube and Discord have teamed up to offer YouTube Premium subscribers Discord Nitro for free. This allows subscribers to reap the benefit of two exclusive subscriptions while paying for just one. You must have used something other than the three-month trial for YouTube Premium to be eligible. If you haven’t, you can go and qualify for Discord Nitro for three months.

Another disadvantage of this method is its availability. This offer is only available for the following countries: Russia, South Africa, Turkey, United States of America, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Japan, Korea and New Zealand.

Method #5: Discord Nitro Giveaways

One of the best things about Discord is the community. Many servers do regular Discord Nitro giveaways. Some giveaways include terms and conditions, while others only require you to enter their sweepstakes. It is not easy to enter them. however, winning is not guaranteed.

If you’re trying to win a giveaway and get free Nitro, you better beware that cheat servers are common on Discord. Make sure you don’t leak personal information or click on shady external links when entering a giveaway.

Additionally, you may need to complete a quick verification process and enter a captcha to ensure your identity.

Method #6: Using Xbox Game Pass

If you are an Xbox owner, this is the best option for free Discord Nitro pack. Xbox’s Game Pass is known for allowing players to trade games and offering free Discord Nitro. However, to get free Nitro this way, you must first purchase a subscription to Game Pass on Xbox.

Method #7. Participate in Discord events

If you participate in an event sponsored or hosted by Discord, you may be eligible to receive a free Nitro gift. For example, Discord usually hosts Snowsgiving during their anniversary or holiday season.

Along with Discord Nitro, these events often offer lots of free stuff like Xbox, PlayStation, keyboards, headsets, game licenses, and more. However, the probability of receiving a gift is identical to the probability of receiving a gift.

Method #8. Be active on the servers

As we mentioned before, the community that Discord houses is giving and very generous. If you are an active member of certain servers, you can be rewarded with free Discord Nitro. In addition, many servers have a system to increase and earn XP points while climbing the charts. However, this rule cannot be generalized for all servers, so don’t get your hopes up too high.

Method #9: Free Cash or Salad

If you want to earn fast money by playing games, taking surveys and watching ads, sites like FreeCash or Salad provide a fast, reliable way to earn money. However, this is not a direct way to get Discord Nitro for free and may not work for you if you live outside the US.

Final thoughts

Before you give up hope of getting Discord Nitro for free, there are many ways you can try. Discord Nitro is offered as a bundle or add-on to many subscription packages and can be won with giveaways. Our guide outlines many ways to get a Nitro subscription without paying monthly.

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