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The next time you need a new, strong, randomly generated password, pull out an iPhone and ask Siri. Yes, an audio assistant for iOS. You won’t find this trick in Siri’s own list of commands, but it’s a piece of cake to use and quite powerful.

There are many examples where this is useful, but this is especially useful when you’re on a machine that doesn’t have access to the Keychain Generator or even the command line, especially if you didn’t remember or Alias ​​of correct order syntax randomly created first. Plus, it’s admittedly easier in many cases to ask Siri than to launch another application anyway.

Create a random password on iPhone

You can create a random password that is 8 characters long (default) call Siri and say “random password” as:

Random password generator on iPhone

You’ll find the answer in 8-character alphanumeric mixed caps, and while that’s fine for many uses, the length isn’t ideal in many real-world situations. To increase security, you can increase the overall complexity and strength by increasing the character length of the generated password.

Increase the power and complexity by increasing the length of the character

You can get much more complex and create stronger passwords, even if you also specify the length of the character, so this will just call Siri over and over again say “random password of 16 characters” as:

Create a strong, random password for your iPhone with Siri

Siri answers the question with a completely random password that is relatively strong and consists of random alphanumeric characters with mixed letters.

Siri is wise enough not to reveal the created password, preventing their loved ones from hearing the results and keeping them even safer and more usable. And it’s also smart enough to deliver results in an easy-to-speak format if you have to pass a complex password you create to someone else over the phone (like saying Alpha Bravo for AB, to avoid misunderstandings and inconsistencies to avoid).

Random spoken password results make communication easier

Types of passwords created

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the original password provided, an alternate set of randomly generated strings will be provided under the “Additional Passwords” heading below. Scrolling to the bottom reveals even more random options for different types of passwords, including:

  • Uppercase and lowercase letters (alphanumeric letters and numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters) – this is the default and strongest password type
  • Numeric only (numbers 0-9)
  • single case (alphabet)
  • A case-insensitive alphanumeric combination
  • Uppercase and lowercase letters in alphabetical order
  • Numerical alphabet

Again, to find these options, all you have to do is scroll down a bit to reveal the ones, all of which are still randomly generated:

Create different types of random passwords on Siri

All these passwords are really random, you can confirm this by asking Siri the same “random password” question over and over again, and you always get different results. This is because Siri receives the generated passwords from WolframAlph, and the further you scroll through Siri’s results, the more information you see about the original question you submitted.

Complexity data was created in Siri

Siri even tells you how long it takes to calculate a password, which more hackly means how long it takes to crack a created password. For a randomly generated 16-character transformation, it takes 165.4 quadrillion years with an estimated 100,000 passwords guessed per second, which is, of course, a pretty good timeline for all living species.

Thanks to Peter for sending this great trick!

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