How to Free Storage on a Samsung Galaxy Phone

Our mobile phone is our most important device. When we get a new Samsung, we can’t wait to take a quick photo, check our work emails, calculate something or take notes with it. That’s the first thing we’ll get there. However, it won’t be long before a new Samsung phone or tablet becomes cluttered with image rolls, unnecessary apps, unused widgets, cached files, and the inexplicable “Misc” data. In this article we will show you how Free Storage On Your Samsung Galaxy Phone.

This takes up more internal storage space per day and slows down your phone. When you run out of storage space on your Samsung phone, you can use a built-in feature called Storage booster that will help you free up device memory. Below we have mentioned the steps to Free Storage On Your Samsung Galaxy Phone.

How To Free Storage On Your Samsung Galaxy Phone

Clear Temporary Files

The first step to free up space on your Samsung phone should be to delete temporary files or app cache. Nothing will be lost in the process, and you will not have to install another app. Over time, temporary files accumulate in various apps like Instagram, Facebook, Google, browsers, etc. Deleting these files will increase the storage space on your Samsung phone and tablet without affecting the actual app data. You must manually clear the cache for each installed app. To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Open Settings and go to Apps.
  • Tap on the app whose cache you want to clear. Let’s say Facebook.
  • Tap on Storage. You will see the space taken by the app cache. Tap the Clear cache button to delete temporary files.
  • Repeat steps for other apps that have huge amount of cache.

Clear Data File

Next, you can delete the app data. Although clearing the cache will not affect your personal files and data related to the app, the impact of clearing the data depends on the app.

For example, if you delete WhatsApp data, all your conversations will be deleted. Therefore, you should not click the “Clear Data” or “Clear Memory” button on such apps. However, you can do that on apps like Google Play Services, Google Play Store, Messages app, etc. See our detailed guide to find out what happens when you delete app data, and which apps are safe to delete data from.

To clear data, follow the same steps as the method described above, ie go to Settings > Apps > (application name) > Storage. Tap Clear memory or Clear data.

Go Through Download Folders

Most of the files you download to your Samsung phone or tablet are stored in the Downloads folder. Over time, we often forget to delete the files we don’t need. These can include APK files, images, PDF files, etc. And such files continue to use storage space.

So take a deep breath and open the Downloads folder on your phone with any file manager. You can use the pre-installed “My Files” app on your Samsung phone. Open the “My Files” app and tap on the “Downloads” folder. Find the unnecessary files and delete them.

If you don’t like Samsung’s My Files interface, you should use third-party file explorer applications like Solid File Explorer, FX File Explorer, Files by Google, etc.

Final Words

So, here we present our article on How to Free Storage on Your Samsung Galaxy Phone. You should not completely fill your phone’s internal memory. If you do, the system will no longer have “enough space” to perform its normal functions smoothly, which may cause various problems. For example, your phone may become partially unresponsive, or restart without your express command.

I hope you understand this article, How to Free Storage on a Samsung Galaxy Phone.

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