How to Flip a Coin & Roll a Dice with Siri’s Guide

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Can’t decide whether to have pizza or Thai for dinner, but all the coins have been ticked and you’ve made up your mind? Or maybe you can’t play Yahtze or Bunco because you lost your dice? It doesn’t matter if you have an iPhone or iPad, because Siri can roll the dice and spin the coins for you.

You can use either of these tricks by calling Siri in the usual way and then saying one of these:

  • “Toss a coin”
  • “roll the dice”

In both statements, you will get a completely random answer that will be reported to you.

Siri, “Turn the coin”

As you might expect, you get either “heads” or “tails,” and the answer appears to be completely random:

Turn a coin to Siri for difficult decisions

If you keep asking, you’ll start getting even more obscure answers, like “Rosencrantz says heads,” referring to Shakespeare’s Hamlet character, showing a more special personality Sir.

Flip the coin with Siri and random results

Unfortunately, you will lose the excitement as well as the satisfaction of knowing what you really were when the coin was flying in the air, but the neutrality of the robot can make the final result easier.

“Dice,” Siri!

While Siri doesn’t show you an actual die, instead it gives you a few numbers that appear on the die side:

Roll the dice with Siri

At this point, if Sir is asked to roll multiple dice he will have to answer with the word “I don’t understand,” so don’t wait until you roll all your dice just yet.

Like many other Siri Easter eggs, you won’t find them on the official list of commands (well at least), but people seem to stumble upon them by asking the assistant random questions, commands or statements and seeing what comes up. to come. If you find something fun for yourself, let us know!

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