How to fix Windows Update Error 0x800705b9

Windows has been operated as a service for many years. This means that all users with a valid Windows license are entitled to regular patches, including cumulative, feature, security and other types of updates. This not only helps prevent users from exploiting security vulnerabilities, but also allows for new features to be implemented and existing bugs to be fixed. In this article we will try to teach you how Fix Windows Update Error 0x800705b9.

Fixing bugs is one of the main reasons users keep updating Windows, as some can be very difficult, while others can be unbearable. For example, some users may not be able to use printers or their taskbar icons may disappear. When they try to update, they may face Windows update error 0x800705b9, which prevents them from applying the latest features and settings. Below we have mentioned the steps to Fix Windows Update Error 0x800705b9.

How to fix Windows Update Error 0x800705b9

Restart BITS and Windows Update Services

BITS supports the system and applications during foreground or background downloads and uploads between the device and a remote server. The Windows service intelligently manages priorities and constraints and automatically restores data transfers and breaks. So, the error 0x800705b9 can be solved by trying to restart BITS and resolve the Windows update process:

  • Click Search in the taskbar.
  • Type Services.msc and press Enter.
  • Find and identify Smart Background Transfer Service.
  • If it is currently running, right-click and select Restart.
  • If the service is not running, double-click it.
  • Click the Startup Type drop-down list and select Automatic.
  • Then click Start in the Service Status section.
  • Select Apply and then OK.
  • Find the Windows Update service and perform the same steps for it.

Use Windows Update Troubleshooting

One of the most useful repair tools, Windows Update Troubleshooter, can identify the root cause of an update error and fix the problem as well. Likewise, for 0x800705b9; using this tool could be a direct way to correct the error. So, follow the steps mentioned below:

Windows 11

  • Press the I key combination.
  • Select Troubleshooter in the right pane.
  • Click Other Troubleshooters.
  • Go to the Windows Update section and select Run.

Run SFC and DISM Commands

Windows failed with the error 0x800705b9 can be caused by corruption in system files or the registry. To solve the problem, you need to apply the help utility SFC, aka System File Checker and DISM as mentioned below:

  • Press – Winkey+I.
  • Type – cmd.exe.
  • Select – Run as administrator.
  • Select Yes UAC dialog.
  • Now type -sfc /scannow.
  • The system will scan all directories to identify the malfunctioning files and replace them with the same copy from the cache folder.
  • The system must go for Reboot.
  • In cases where the SFC is empty, try running the following syntax lines, one after the other, pressing Enter after each one:
    • DISM / Online / Clean Image / Health Check
    • DISM / Online / Clean Image / ScanHealth
    • DISM / Online / Clean Image / RestoreHealth
    • Close Command Prompt and then restart your system.

Final Words

So here we conclude our article on How to Fix Windows Update Error 0x800705b9. The error code can be related to various updates, although many have complained that error 0x800705b9 occurred when they tried to upgrade to version 22H2 on Windows 10 or 11. This update is one of the major version upgrades that happens twice or even once a year , and includes many improvements and new features, so it’s no wonder that many users were eager to install it.

I hope you understand this article, How to fix Windows Update Error 0x800705b9.

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