How to fix “Windows Installer package DLL” when trying to uninstall a program –

The following error occurred on the customer’s computer when we tried to remove the malware named “”.SavingsBullFilter” (or “SavingsBull”): “There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A DLL file required to complete this installation could not be initialized. Contact support staff or package vendor.”

The error probably appeared after the installation of the program was corrupted or after performing the cleaning procedure on the same computer without removing the malware from Windows. Therefore, we reinstalled the unwanted program, trying to uninstall it again from the Windows Control Panel (Add/Remove Programs). But “Failed to initialize Windows Installer package..DLL” error message reappeared during the uninstallation process. After some testing, we finally The following solution was found to bypass the “.Failed to initialize Windows Installer package..DLL“problem:


How to resolve the “Windows Installer package problem … DLL is needed” error when trying to uninstall a program from your computer

Step 1. Download Microsoft’s Windows Setup and Uninstall Tool.

1. Go to the following link:

2a. Click on “Advanced – download to work on another or disconnected computer“option…


and click theDownload it” button.


3. When prompted, clickRunning“.


4.Accept it” license agreement.


5. Click onReviewClick ” to select whereFix it in a portable way” utility is saved.


6. Specify the location (eg your Work table) for storageFix it in a portable way” utility and click “OK


7. At”Download and saveOn the ” screen, click “Save” button.


8. wait untilPortable Microsoft Fix” tool will be downloaded and saved to your computer.

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9. Finally, read the instructions on how to use “Fix it in a portable wayClick the ” tool and “Termination” button.


Step 2. How to use “Fix it portable” tool to bypass “Windows Installer package DLL” deletion error.

1. Go to your save”Fix the portable” utility (for example, your “desktop”) and open the “Fix the portable” folder.


2. Double click to run”Run Fix it” application.


Click on {“Yes” at “User Account Control (UAC)A warning message if requested.}


3. On the first screen, clickInstall or update software or hardware“option…


4. ..and then scroll down the window and “run now” button next to itFix problems where programs cannot be installed or uninstalled” troubleshooting option.

programs cannot be installed or uninstalled

5. On the first screen, clickIdentify issues and apply fixes for me (Recommended)” option.

problem identification and application

6. Select “Delete” option.


7. Select the unwanted program you want to remove (for example, “SavingsFilter” in our example) and press “The next one“.

select the program to uninstall

8. Click on “Yes, try turning it off” option and wait until “.Fix the portable” tool will solve your problem.



9. At”Troubleshooting is complete” screen, review the “Fix Status” (for example, Fixed) and click the “.The next one” button.

troubleshooting is complete

10. In the last window “Yes, problem solved” option and select “Next”.


10. Shut downTroubleshoot software installation and uninstallation” convenience.


11. Finally, go to “Add/Remove Programs” (Programs and Features) in your control panel and make sure that the unwanted program no longer appears in the list of installed programs.*

Note*: If the unwanted program appears in the list of programs, select it and press the button.Delete” button. Normally (this time) the uninstall process should complete without errors.

That’s it.

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