How to fix the appearance of the black bar (bar) on the right side of the Internet Explorer window. –

Today one of my clients brought his laptop to my lab with the following strange problem in Internet Explorer: every website we visited had a black bar on the right side of the browser window. However, all other browsers worked without problems. As I’ve noticed in the past, this strange problem usually occurs after updating Internet Explorer to the latest version or in laptops with two different graphics processing units: a power-saving, integrated GPU and a high-performance discrete GPU. In these laptops, the system uses an integrated GPU with lower compatibility for applications that do not require special performance, and a separate GPU for applications that require higher performance.

In this guide, you can find detailed instructions on how to solve the problem of the appearance of a black bar in Internet Explorer.


How to remove the Internet Explorer black bar on the right side of the IE window.

Solution 1: Force Internet Explorer to use only the integrated graphics card (power efficient GPU) instead of the separate Higher End (High Performance GPU).

On computers with Intel power-efficient graphics GPUs and ATI high-performance graphics GPUs, the system will automatically switch to the high-performance GPU if the application needs more performance. In some cases, this feature doesn’t work as well as it should, and you’ll need to manually specify which GPU to use for each application. This can be done using the Catalyst Control Center software, so be sure to install the latest version from your computer manufacturer’s support site. To force Internet Explorer to use a lower performance GPU to bypass the black bar on the right:

1. Close Internet Explorer.

2. Right-click on the desktop and select “.Adjust variable graphics“.

3. Under Recent Apps”Internet Explorer” and then install it Power saving (on the right).

4. Open Internet Explorer and check if it is available “black line” the problem persists.

Solution 2: Download and install the latest graphics card (VGA) drivers.

Make sure you have installed the latest video card drivers and software for both Video cards installed in your system. Updating the graphics card driver solves the black bar problem in Internet Explorer. If you have a laptop, you can download video card drivers from the manufacturer’s site, or if you have a desktop with two (2) video cards, from the motherboard manufacturer’s support page.

Solution 3: Enable software acceleration in Internet Explorer.

1. From the main menu of Internet Explorer: “Tools and select “Internet Options“.


2. Click onComplicated” label.


3. Yes Advanced options check to enable “Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering” option and press OK.

show software-IE

4. Restart Internet Explorer.

Solution 4. Use an earlier version of Internet Explorer.

Use the instructions in this article to revert to a previous version of Internet Explorer. How to remove Internet Explorer 11 and go back to Internet Explorer 10 or 9.

That’s it!

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