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If your computer is taking too long to shut down, it’s taking a long time for a running service or program to shut down, preventing your system from shutting down. During this behavior, Windows waits for some time for the service (or application) to respond, and after this time notifies the user that the service has not stopped and suggests what to do. Then the user must decide whether to stop the service (End Task) or wait until the service closes automatically.

This guide will show you how to speed up shutdown times on Windows operating systems, reducing the amount of time Windows waits before asking the user what to do with a running application(s) or service(s) that are not responding. To complete this task, you need to reduce it WaitToKillServiceTimeout A value found in the Windows registry. The WaitToKillServiceTimeout value tells Windows how long to wait before prompting the user about applications or services that are not responding.

How to fix slow shutdown problems in Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

Important: As a preventative measure, always create a restore point before modifying the registry. If something goes wrong after modifying the registry, restore your system to this restore point.

  • To create a restore point:

a. Type Create a restore point click on the search box and click on the result.

Create a restore point

b. Then click on To create button to create an immediate restore point.

Create a restore point

To solve the slow shutdown problem in Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10:

1.Open Windows Registry editor. For this:

  1. Click on “WindowsPicture-201_thumb_thumb_thumb_thumb1_t + “RClick the ” button to download Running dialog box.
  2. write “regedit” and click Enter.


2. Inside the Windows registry (from the left pane), navigate to this key:

  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control

Fix slow shutdown

3. Double-click to open in the right pane WaitToKillServiceTimeout value.


4. Change the value data for 2000 and press OK. *

* Default value (time). 12000 and represents 12 seconds. Value 2000 It means 2 seconds.


5. Close Registry Editor and restart your computer.

You are done!

Additional advice: If you want Windows to take care of unresponsive application(s) or service(s) without any user action, make the following change in the Windows registry:

1. Open the registry editor and go to the following button in the left panel:

  • HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Desktop


2. Dan Editing select menu new > String value.


3. Type as value name AutoEndTasks & press Enter.


4. Double click at AutoEndTasks (REG_SZ) value and type in the Value data field 1 & press OK.


5. Close Registry Editor and restart your computer.

That’s it!

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