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PowerShell has stopped working“The problem comes later Powellix (Win32/Poweliks) or later Gootkit (Win32/Gootkit) virus has corrupted your computer.

Powershell has stopped working“error is followed by an undefined message that says “The problem caused the program to not work properly. Windows closes the program and notifies you if a solution is available“. If you confirm and close the program, Windows will not be able to find a solution to the problem and will continue to prompt you for “.Powershell has stopped working” error message. Also on top of Powellix Virus infection, Windows shows the following symptoms:

  • Slow performance (maximum CPU and memory usage).
  • Several “dllhost.exe” processes are running in the background.
  • Unable to browse the web (pages are blocked) or download file(s).

PowerShell has stopped working - error

Powellix or Gootkit virus(es) can infect your computer after you visit a malicious website, open an infected email application from an unknown sender, or install software downloaded from the Internet. Therefore, do not receive e-mails from unknown senders informing you that you have won a large amount of money or e-mails containing suspicious extensions such as: exe, .bat, .com, .vbs or . scr .pif etc. Also, always pay attention to the installation options of any software you install on your computer, as most software installers have additional programs that you don’t want to install. Simply put, DO NOT INSTALL ANY IMPORTANT SOFTWARE that comes with the software installer of the program you are trying to install. Specifically, when you install the program on your computer:

  • “DO NOT PRESSThe next one” button is very fast on installation screens.
  • ALWAYS CHOOSE: “Special” installation.
  • REFUSE to install any suggested add-on software that you do not want to install.
  • Turn ON any options that indicate that your home page and search settings will be changed.

How to remove Powelix virus and how to solve “PowerShell has stopped working” problem:

Step 1: Start your computer in “Safe Mode with Networking”.

To start your computer in Safe Mode with Networking:

Windows 7, Vista and XP users:

  1. Close all programs and restart your computer.
  2. Click on “F8While your computer is booting, press the ” button before the Windows logo appears.
  3. When “Windows advanced options menu” if it appears on your screen, use the arrow keys on your keyboard “Safe mode with network” option and then click “INTRODUCTION“.


Windows 8 and 8.1 users*:

* Works on Windows 7, Vista and XP.

1. Click on “WindowsImage-201_thumb + “RClick the ” button to download Running dialog box.

2. write “msconfig” and click Enter.image

3. click on Upload tab and select “Safe download” & “Network“.


4. click onOK” and restart your computer.

Note: “To boot Windows”Normal modeYou need to remove the “again” markSafe download” using the same procedure.

Step 2. Reset your Internet browser settings.

1. Click on “WindowsImage-201_thumb + “RClick the ” button to download Running dialog box.

2. write “inetcpl.cpl” (without quotes) and press Enter.


3. Click on “Complicated” label.


4. selectReinstall“.


5. (to enable).Delete personal settings” box and “Reinstall“.


6. After the recovery process is complete, clickShut down” and then select “OK” to exit Internet Explorer options.

Step 3. Stop and delete malware with RogueKiller.

Rogue Killer an anti-malware program capable of detecting, stopping and removing common malware and some advanced threats such as rootkits, rogues, worms, etc.

1. Download it and storage RogueKiller utility’* on your computer (eg desktop)

Note*: Download it version x86 or X64 according to your operating system version. To find your operating system version “Right clickselect “on your computer icon”.Characteristics“and look”System type” Section.


2. Double click to run Rogue Killer.


3. Wait until the prescan is finished and then read and “Accept it” license terms.


4. Click on “ScanningClick ” to scan your computer for malicious threats and malicious startup entries.


5. Finally, when the full scan is complete, check all items found inRegister“, “Files“and”Web browsersClick on “tabs” and then “Delete” button to delete them.


6. CloseRogue Killer” and go to the next step.

Step 4: Remove Adware files and entries using AdwCleaner.

1. Download it and storage AdwCleaner utility to your computer.


2. Close all open programs and Double click to open “AdwCleaner” from your computer.

3. After receiving “License AgreementClick the “, ” buttonScanning” button.


4. Click when the scan is complete “Clean” to remove all unwanted malicious entries.


5. Click on “OK” at “AdwCleaner – Info” and “OK” again to restart your computer.


6. When your computer restarts, nearAdwCleaner information (reading) window.

7. Restart your computer and download Windows In Safe Mode with Networking again.

Step 5. Clean Poweliks or Gootkit entries with a junk removal tool.

1. Download and run JRT is a tool to remove unnecessary programs.


2. “Click any button to start scanning your computer.JRT is a tool to remove unnecessary programs“.


3. Be patient while JRT checks and cleans your system.


4. Close the JRT log file and then restart your computer.


Step 6. Remove Powelix virus infection with “Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free” full scan.

Download it and install Malwarebytes anti-malware is one of the most trusted FREE anti-malware software available today to clean your computer of remaining malicious threats. We recommend installing Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium if you want to be constantly protected against malware, existing and future threats:

Malwarebytes™ protection
Removes Spyware, Adware and Malware.
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Quick download and installation instructions:

  • After clicking on the above link, “Start my free 14-month trial” option you can download.


  • To install FREE version uncheck this amazing productActivate the free trial version of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium” option on the final installation screen.


Scan and clean your computer with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.

1. run”“Malwarebytes Anti-Malware” and if necessary, allow to update the program to the latest version and the malicious database.


2. Click on “Scanning” option from the top menu.


3. selectSpecial” scan and then “Scan now” button.


4. At”Custom scan configuration” options, first check all available scan options from the left panel, select the drive(s) to scan from the right panel, and finally click “ .Start scanning” button to scan your entire system for malware.


5. Now wait for Malwarebytes Anti-Malware to finish scanning your computer for malware.


6. When the scan is complete, “Quarantine all” button to remove all threats found.


7. Wait for Malwarebytes Anti-Malware to remove all infections from your system and then restart your computer (if required by the program) to completely remove all active threats.


8. After the system reboots, Run Malwarebytes Anti-Malware again to check that there are no other threats left on your system.

You are done! Now you have to be free from it Powellix or Gootkit viral infection.

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