How to fix Photos Error in Windows 10/11

Some Windows users have reported that they have a problem with the free native Video Editor, the video editing app on Windows 11. According to these users, while importing a series of images or videos, Editor has the annoying error message Videos “Choose some other files. In this article we will try to show you high-tech how Fix “These Files Have Properties That Cannot Be Read” Photos Error in Windows 10/11.

These files have properties that cannot be read, so we could not add them:”. The video files are corrupted or there is a problem with the Photos app. So, if you are facing this issue, try these solutions to fix the problem manually. Below are the steps to fix Photos Error in Windows 10/11 “These files have properties that cannot be read”.

How to fix Photos Error in Windows 10/11

Delete Previous Video Projects

The “Properties cannot be read” error can occur due to corrupted data from previous video projects in Photos. Some users have solved this problem by deleting previous video projects in their Photos app. Delete previous video projects in Photos as follows:

  • Open the Microsoft Photos app (or Photos Legacy in Windows 11).
  • Select the Video Editor tab.
  • Next, select the checkboxes for each existing video project.
  • Click the Delete (trash) button.
  • Select the Delete confirmation option.
  • Close out of Photos, and restart Windows 11.
  • Then try adding your MP4 files again for a new video project. Choose to add each MP4 to the project one at a time instead of all together.

Manually Select Source Folder for the Required Videos

Other Photos users were able to work around the “Cannot read properties” error by manually selecting a source folder in Photos. These users chose to add folders containing their clips outside of the Photos video editor. Here are the steps to manually select a video source folder:

  • First, set up a folder that includes all the MP4 files you need for your video project.
  • Launch the Photos image viewer.
  • Click the See more menu button in the top right corner of Photos.
  • Select Settings on the menu.
  • Click Add folder to bring up the selection window.
  • Select the folder that contains the MP4 video clips you need for the project.
  • Press the Add this folder with pictures button to import the video clips you want.
  • Click Video Editor in Photos.
  • Then try starting a new video project again by clicking New video editor > + Add. Click the From my collection button to select imported MP4 files.

Final Words

So, here we present our article on How to Fix “These Files Contain Unreadable Properties” Photos Error in Windows 10/11. Correcting the “Properties cannot be read” error is not always easy. However, the possible solutions in this guide solved the video editing problem for some Photos users. This may also fix the video editor in your Photos app.

I hope you understand this article, How to fix Photos Error in Windows 10/11.

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