How to Fix Mac Application Not Starting

Every day we launch different apps on our Mac. There are some apps that we use so often that it can be frustrating when something goes wrong with them. One such unfortunate occurrence is when you install an app and it refuses to launch or respond. Apps not launching on the Mac is a problem many users face. This article is about how Fix Mac Application Not Starting.

The App Store is an essential tool for installing new apps and games on your Mac, but on rare occasions, the app may fail to launch, freeze or crash randomly. This can be frustrating and makes you unable to do your work. However, there are a few ways to fix the problem and get it working again quickly. Below we have mentioned the steps to Fix Mac Application Without Starting.

How to Fix Mac Application Not Starting

Whatever the reason, there are several possible solutions to this problem, ranging from simple to complex.

Restart the Mac

It’s always smart to start with the simplest possible setup.

Update the app

Check if you have the latest version of the app, and if not, update it from the Mac App Store. This step is necessary after updating the Mac operating system. In many cases, updating the affected app fixes the problem.

Delete app preference file (plist file)

You can delete this file manually or with a Mac app uninstaller such as AppDelete. Plist files can become corrupted when a Mac shuts down or restarts unexpectedly, or when an app freezes or crashes. As a result, the app may no longer open.

To find and remove priority files:

  • Go to Finder > Library > Options.
  • Look for the plist in this format: com.developer_name.app_name.plist.
  • Delete the plist file that matches the app.

Start your Mac in Safe Mode

This debugging startup environment restricts most startup content. It also restricts the operating system so that only the underlying operating system kernel is used. If you start the Mac in Safe Mode and then can remove the application in question, the reason is probably not the file permissions or preferences. The conflict may come from an application or another startup object.

Use Disk Utility to repair app permissions

In OS X Yosemite and earlier versions, one of the first actions taken when an application fails to launch is to repair the permissions. This step ensures that the application and any associated files it needs to run have the correct permissions. You don’t need to know what the permissions should be. Your Mac maintains a database of default permissions for most applications you install.

Reinstall the app

After checking the App Store to see if the app is still available, delete the problematic app from your Mac. Then reinstall it from the App Store.

Contact the app developer

Visit the app developer’s website and look for notes about compatibility with your version of macOS or OS X, or other apps and services you use.

Final Words

Ideally, one of the steps above will fix your app issues. If not, you can always try uninstalling the app and installing a fresh copy. Aside from these general approaches, if an app has deeper problems, it may require specific troubleshooting steps. You will probably need to examine the log files or contact the developer for individual support. Follow the steps we have mentioned above to set up the Mac Application Without Starting.

I hope you understand this article, How to Fix Mac Application Not Starting.

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