How To Fix Error 0x0000005D When Installing Windows 8/10 –

The above error occurs when you try to install Windows 8 or Windows 10 on a new PC or use virtualization software like Oracle VM Virtual Box or VMWare.
This error occurs because, unlike the Windows 7 operating system, Windows 8 is not fully compatible with all models of Pentium 4 processors. In fact, to install Windows 8, your processor must support the following Can’t be done Feature.

More specifically, for AMD processors, this feature “Not Executed (NX)“and for Intel processors it is called “.Execute Delete (XD)“.

Full description of the error:

“Your computer should restart.
Please hold the power button.
Error code: 0x0000005D


How to fix: Error 0x0000005D when installing Windows 10/8/.1

To resolve the Windows setup error (0x0000005D) proceed and Turn on the “Data Execution Prevention” feature is enabled BIOS settings.

Note: You should too turn on (from your BIOS settings)”Virtualization Technology (VT) If you want to install Windows 8/10 using virtualization software like Oracle VM Virtual Box or VMWare.

Step 1. Enter BIOS (CMOS Setup)

To enter the BIOS settings, turn on your computer and pay attention to the first screen when your computer starts up and try to find the following message:

“DEL to enter setting”

“Press ESC to enter setting”

“BIOS Configuration: F2”

“F10 to enter setting”

When you see this message, press the appropriate key on the keyboard (DEL, F2, ESC, etc.) to enter the BIOS.

Step 2. Enable Data Execution Prevention.

to enable Preventing Data Execution (DEP) feature:

(After launch BIOS Settings):
1. Transition Complicated options > Processor and install Memory protection is not performed for Turn on or ON *

*Note: In some BIOS, you can find this setting under Security options > Do the uninstall and configure it Turn on or On

2. Now, Save your changes and Exit bios settings, if you get error 0x0000005D when trying to install Windows 8/10 on a new computer, otherwise if an error occurs, go to the next step When you try to install Windows 8/10 under a VM (VMWare or VirtualBox).


Step 3. Enable Virtualization Technology (VT).

1. Transition Work options.

2. Change the Virtualization feature “Turn on“or”On“.

3. Save your changes and Exit from BIOS settings.


4. After starting Windows, proceed to the next step to determine if your system’s processor supports the above security features.

Step 4. Check if your system supports DEP and hardware virtualization.

for cif your system supports both Preventing Data Execution and Virtualization Technology (VT) Characteristics.

1. Download from here and then run Safe app.

2. If your processor supports it Virtualization Technology (VT) & Preventing Data Execution When the properties appear, you should see the following result on the screen:


3. If everything is fine, continue to install Windows 10/8.

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