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The newly released Hitman 3 has gained enormous popularity among gamers, and gamers are showing interest in the great trilogy. Players new to the game must be confused about which season to play first or what should be the best order to play the Hitman trilogy. So here in this article we have given detailed information about how to play Hitman game and what is the best order to enjoy the game fully.

Best way to enjoy the Great Hitman Trilogy
The easiest way to play the Hitman series should be for the following reasons to play with the Hitman 3 levels imported into Hitman Season 1 and Hitman Season 2.
All 21 levels through one game could be accessed
The stories of old games have been visually overhauled, which includes Hitman Seasons 3’s unique new graphics design
The first-game characteristics of Hitman 2, such as the ability to hide in the leaves
Unlockable weapons, gadgets and equipment can be used in all three levels.

How to get hitman season 1 and hitman season 2 all levels in hitman season 3
At least on PC, this is the tricky bit. Hitman Season 1 and Hitman Season 2 are enough for console players to get free stages. But since Hitman 3 is the exclusive Epic title, the Epic app can’t tell you that you own the first two titles on Steam at this time.
Epic is looking at this. But you just have to buy the levels for now. Unfortunately, it is incredibly frustrating the storefront, and various checks are passed.
To simplify things, you’ll want to take this one if you want anything in Hitman 3, plus two expansion stages.

Should I play hitman season 1 and season 2?
All stages are more comfortable than anything else to be available in Hitman season 3. And even without the visual improvement imported in Hitman 3, the first two games still seem impressive.
So if you get Hitman 1 or 2 cheap at a sale or something, but don’t import the levels into 3, you sound like you’re missing out. Play them, and maybe if you go into Hitman 3, it would be a little cheaper. All levels can then be replayed with better graphics if Epic finds a way to download them for free.

In what order to play the hitman trilogy?
Play them in order if you care about the story. Both trilogy stages are connected by a successive story about Agent 47 against a shadowy cabal of powerful villagers called Providence. Many of your targets are Providence members, so the story gives you an additional perspective on who you are and why you deserve to be killed. Know this: the plot is not very interesting, and you will probably get bored very quickly.

Treat Hitman as an anthology if you don’t care about the stories. Skip the intro cutscenes and dive into any stage you want. It’s a nice way to play this, because instead of taking a direction to recommend from developers, you can choose your missions depending on the region you want to visit. It is not that you are absent from the story side: each task has its own stories better than the story.

Things to consider about the game
There are many things to remember about the game. Do not consider the only games of Hitman released in 2016, Hitman 2 released in 2018, and the newly launched Hitman 3. Consider the entire trilogy as one game and each entry as a series of tasks for it.
I say it because some people wonder if it is worth skipping the first game because they have started so far or less than the last one.

But it is far from the truth. Some of the first game levels, especially Hokkaido, Sapienza and Paris, are among the best in the series, and they are certainly not to be missed. In Hitman 2, especially Mumbai, Miami, and the Sgàil Island, are just as good levels.
All three entries in this trilogy are the same game – they are different levels. If not, the same systems, AI, controls, the interface will be common.

Can you play hitman season 3 right away?
You can have a wonderful time, and you will have it. However, one level in Hitman 3, the third one, is more of a set-up than a real level for Hitman. The story of Agent 47 ended there profoundly. Therefore, if you only have Hitman 3, you will have less levels that are good if you start with Hitman Season 1 or Season 2. The story won’t make sense either, but it’s easy to overlook, as I said before. It’s up to you. That’s up to you.

Tips for having fun in the game
Join mission stories the first time you play a mission. These practical instructions guide you in creative and enjoyable ways to destroy your targets and let you get to know how roughness works and the structure of the stages.
You can think about your ways to complete the challenge while you are more familiar with the game. It is a rich sandbox, and every job can be done in different ways.

The Hitman game series is one of the best PC game series and is a must play series if you are into PC gaming. You will surely enjoy the thrill of the game and have a fun adventure playing it. Playing all three seasons will help you know the story better. But if you want to have fun straight away and don’t care about the story, then you can jump on Hitman Season 3 and have fun playing it. But I would recommend that you must play all the three seasons of the Hitman series and enjoy the story of the game. So download this great game and start playing and having fun.

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