How to Enable Windows 11 Direct Storage

Windows 11 brings several new features, including a unique opportunity for hardcore gamers called DirectStorage. Provided your system is powerful enough, you can use Microsoft DirectStorage to speed up your games. In addition, the technology provides better graphics performance and faster load times for current and next-generation games. This article is about how to enable Windows 11 Direct Storage.

DirectStorage is a low-level storage API from Microsoft for games that enables super-fast, near-instant load times for your games. If you even got stuck in a loading screen during a game, DirectStorage is here to solve the problem. When you stream a game, DirectStorage downloads pixels, textures, audio, maps and character models to the local drive. The game then retrieves the data from the hard drive via an application programming interface (API). Below we have mentioned the steps to turn on Windows 11 Direct Storage.

How to Enable Direct Storage in Windows 11

The DirectStorage API (Application Programming Interface), the high-performance storage technology introduced on the latest consoles of the Xbox series, will be available for Windows 10 and not only Windows 11, Microsoft has confirmed. This means that Microsoft will not force players to use the latest operating system to enjoy DirectStorage technology, as many feared.

DirectStorage is basically an API and you don’t need to do anything to enable this feature as it is a built-in feature in the latest operating system. In fact, the game developers use this API to develop video games.

After game developers have implemented this feature in their games, all you have to do is launch the DirectStorage compatible games on Windows 11 and the system will do the rest by itself. There are currently no games available with the DirectStorage feature, but they are expected to be released in early 2021.

Final Words

We hope our article on how to turn on Windows 11 Direct Storage will help you and solve all your problems. Microsoft DirectStorage API was announced along with the announcement of the new operating system for Windows 11. The DirectStorage API reduces load times in games by establishing a direct connection between the SSD and the GPU.

I hope you understand this article, How to Enable Windows 11 Direct Storage.

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