How to Easily Install Foreign Apps on IPhone & iPad Guide

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If you’ve ever tried to find a foreign app for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod that isn’t named in your native language, let alone the alphabet, you’ve probably noticed that it’s not the easiest thing in the world. Firstly, App Stores can be differentiated from each other, so for example, some apps available from the US App Store may not be available in China or vice versa. As we’ve discussed before, it’s easy enough to download apps from the US App Store outside the US, but moving in the other direction can be challenging, and some foreign apps can be especially difficult to find when the default letters for apps are completely different. , and we’ll talk about that here.

Download foreign movies directly

Many foreign apps can be found and downloaded directly to iOS by looking for App Store links found on Google or by searching for the company name in the App Store:

  • Method 1: Find the app name in Safari and open the link in the App Store, then tap Download
  • Method 2: Open the App Store, tap “Search,” instead of searching for the app name, use the search to find the business name of the app manufacturer, which is almost always written in English, and then download from there

The screenshots below show this trick when trying to find an app in the Chinese App Store that has a Mandarin name in the US App Store. Since I can’t read Mandarin, I have no idea what the name of the app is, but instead when I was searching for the app companies name (Xiamen), it was returned in the search results anyway:

Download app store for ios

This doesn’t always work, and sometimes you get an error message saying the app isn’t available in your country. If you get this error, go to the iTunes method below.

Download Foreign App Store apps and transfer to iOS from iTunes

This approach works if the method does not directly to the device above. You need iTunes, an iOS device, and a USB cable or Wi-Fi sync to do this:

  • Find the web link to the downloadable app and let your browser send the link to iTunes. This is usually easier to do via Google, just search for the name of the app or paste the name if it’s a foreign alphabet. eg it’s an app from the Chinese App Store that we install on a US iPhone
  • Now that the foreign app is open in iTunes, click the “Download” button to download it to your local computer
  • Download programs from iTunes

  • Once the download is complete, go to the Apps section of iTunes (from the title bar or sidebar) and find the app
  • Find the foreign app in iTunes

  • Once the target iPhone/iPad/iPod is connected to the computer, drag and drop the foreign app to the iOS device to copy it

Copy foreign application to iPhone

Once the app sync is complete, return to your iOS device and scroll to the Home screen to find the foreign app that is now installed. Here’s an example of a Chinese App Store sitting on the iPhone’s home screen, otherwise associated with the US App Store:

During testing, this tried to find and install any foreign App Store-based app on any iOS device, regardless of whether it’s connected to that country’s app store.

If there’s an even simpler way, let us know in the comments!

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In this guide, I will discuss about Easy Installation of Foreign Apps on iPhone & iPad, which is very helpful.

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