How to disable or enable the SmartScreen filter feature in Internet Explorer –

In Internet Explorer 8 and later, the SmartScreen filter is a security feature that helps protect you from malicious sites and programs that could harm your computer. In fact, the SmartScreen filter checks the websites you visit or the software you download to your computer for malicious code. If it detects a site or software that may harm your computer, it will prevent access to it and display a warning message on the screen that the website or software has been declared dangerous. At the same time, SmartScreen sends information about the content you access and its publisher to Microsoft SmartScreen online services to mark its origin as suspicious. In fact, the SmartScreen filter in Internet Explorer is an additional protection feature that you don’t need to disable unless you want to access a trusted website or uninstall legitimate software on your computer that SmartScreen is blocking for some reason. if you don’t want to install.

This guide contains detailed instructions on how to disable SmartScreen in Internet Explorer.

How to disable the SmartScreen filter in Internet Explorer

1. From the main menu of Internet Explorer: “Tools and select “Internet Options“.


2. Click on “Complicated” label.


3. Yes Complicated tab settings and under “Security” options, uncheck “.Turn on the SmartScreen filter” (Windows Smart Filter in Windows 10) and select it OK.

turn off the smart screen

You are done. Follow the same procedure to re-enable the SmartScreen filter feature in Internet Explorer, but this time “Turn on the SmartScreen filter” option and select it OK.

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