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TikTok is a huge app for content creators who want to create personal videos, spread awareness or use them as advertising. This growing platform offers its users many features such as posting videos and stories and launching live videos to connect with their audience. Additionally, TikTok recently introduced the Story option, following other apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook.

How to delete TikTok history?

These apps have similar mechanisms for posting, editing and deleting stories; however, there are several differences. We’ve got you covered if you’re new to TikTok and wondering how to delete an unwanted story. In our comprehensive guide, we’ll reveal everything on how to delete your TikTok history, so read on.

How do TikTok Stories work?

TikTok stories are short videos or clips that can be up to 15 seconds long. If 15 seconds is not enough, you can break up these videos by re-recording them and they will be shown in order.

You can use this feature for videos that you want to share with your audience without saving or making your content permanent. TikTok stories appear on your account for 24 hours and then disappear, just like stories on other social media platforms.

These stories appear in your followers’ feeds and can be accessed if your audience clicks on your profile. Your account has a blue “Story” icon that your followers can click to access your TikTok stories.

How to know if your TikTok story is posted?

As soon as you click the “post” icon, your story should start showing when you click your account handle. A blue ring should surround your account profile picture. this indicates that the live story has ended. Your followers will see the same and your stories will appear on their following page as well.

What’s more, your audience can view your stories on the For You pages if your video has gained enough attention. Audiences can like, comment and share your story just like on other social media platforms. From now on, posting TikTok stories is a simple and easy way to casually interact with your online audience.

How to delete TikTok history?

If you accidentally posted a story that was meant to be a draft or just plain wrong, don’t worry. You can quickly delete your stories, just like you can delete them in other social media apps. Just follow our guide below to quickly delete your TikTok history.

Step #1: Open your profile

Open TikTok app on your phone. Once done, click on the button Profile icon. This icon can be found lower panel when TikTok is loaded on your phone.

Step #2: Profile picture

Your profile will show the icon you use as your profile picture. If: a blue ring surrounds it Well, your story is still going on. Click on your profile icon to open this story.

Once you access your stories, all you need to do is access the menu. However, if you have posted multiple stories and want to delete a specific one, you have to keep clicking until you get to the history screen of what you want to delete. Then you will find three-point menu on the screen click on it.

Step #4: Delete

All you have to do now is click the delete option. A confirmation message will appear on your screen about the permanent deletion of your history. Click the delete option againand you are ready.

If you had internet connection problems while deleting your history, it’s likely that your history is still running. A great way to double check is to update your profile page. Your story is gone for good if it’s no longer surrounded by a blue ring. Furthermore, no one will be notified if you delete your TikTok story until they verify your account.

How to delete a TikTok video?

Like deleting stories, deleting a permanent video on TikTok is quite simple. If you want to remove the video from your account, the best way is to delete it permanently. If you want to delete your TikTok video, follow the guide below.

Step #1: Open your profile

Launch the TikTok app and log in to your account via the panel below. There is an option “profile” it will bring you directly to your account.

Step #2. Select Video

Your videos will appear; click on the one you want to delete. If you want to delete the draft instead of the published video, then you should go projects menu which is displayed above all your videos.

When you access the video you want to delete, click on the three-dot menu on the screen. This will show you multiple options for what you do with your video after it’s uploaded to your account.

Step #4: Delete

All you have to do now is click the delete option. Then click delete again when the confirmation message appears on your screen. After that, your video is permanently deleted and can no longer be viewed by your audience. If they have bookmarked your video, it will show as “unavailable”.

How to create a story on TikTok

Making stories is simple. you need to launch your TikTok app and click on the camera option on the bottom panel. The same version of the camera is used to post videos and stories.

Then, on the black bottom panel, you’ll find the “story” option next to the “camera” option. Click on it and record your video. Unfortunately, you can only record up to 15 seconds. If you have longer videos, you should break them up. Finally, once you’re done, click the mail button and you can find it in your account.

You can view deleted stories on TikTok

TikTok provides complete privacy for those who willingly remove their content from their account. This means that no one will be notified when you delete your stories, and no one will be able to access the deleted story. However, if someone has screen recorded your story before you delete it, they will have access. Also, there is no way to view someone’s deleted stories on TikTok.

Can you recover deleted TikTok history?

Currently you cannot. Unfortunately, TikTok offers you options to restore or restore your TikTok videos, but TikTok stories cannot be restored. Instagram recently offered story recovery options, but TikTok hasn’t caught up yet. You can save your accounts forever before posting, so if you delete them, you’ll always have a backup in your camera roll.

TikTok history is not deleted

If your TikTok story continues to show even after clicking the delete option, there may be several issues. First, TikTok may undergo regular maintenance, which causes the app to crash and malfunction. The only solution is to wait at least 15 minutes and try again.

If the problem persists for too long, internet connection issues can also cause the history to not be deleted. You can restart your internet modem and try to delete your history again.

Final thoughts

TikTok is a popular social media platform for many reasons, including its user-friendly interface. This makes it very easy to delete and publish stories and videos. You can also quickly start live videos to interact with your audience in real time. We have provided guides on how to delete your TikTok story and understand the mechanics behind these stories.

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