How to Delete Telegram Account: 2 Quick Ways

Telegram has more than 700 million monthly users, but it’s not the top choice for most to exchange messages or media. Whether your friends are on WhatsApp or not Whether you have no one to talk to or you’re done with the entire platform, in this article we’ll show you how to quickly delete your Telegram account and what happens to your data.

How to delete a Telegram account?

Unfortunately, You cannot temporarily disable your Telegram account. The only option is to delete it permanently. So if you want to use Telegram for a long time, We recommend uninstalling the Telegram app rather than deleting the account. That way, when you’re ready, you can reinstall Telegram and pick it up where you left off.

But if you decide to pause your Telegram account forever. follow Let’s start by understanding what happens to your data.

Can I recover my data once I delete my account?

By deleting your Telegram account, your messages, All contacts will be removed; channelsFrom Telegram’s servers; groups and other data. So if you delete your Telegram account, you can’t get your old messages back.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you back up your data before deleting your account. To make a backup of your account; Continue to the next section.

How to extract data before deleting Telegram account

Before doing this step, You should know that this can only be done from Telegram’s desktop app. This means that now Follow the instructions below to backup your Telegram account data.

Step 1: Open the Telegram desktop app and tap the hamburger icon on the top left.

Open the Telegram desktop app.

Step 2: Tap Settings.

Tap Settings.

Step 3: Go to advanced.

Go to Telegram Advanced Settings.

Step 4: Scroll down and tap on ‘Export Telegram data’.

Click on 'Export Telegram data'.

Step 3: Select the messages and media you want to export. You can set a size limit for downloading media files.

Select the messages and media you want to export.

Step 4: Finally, Select the format you want to export the data to and click Send.

We recommend downloading in HTML format.

Click Export.

Once you are done with this step, You can proceed to permanently delete your account. There are two ways to delete your Telegram account: manually deleting the account and manually deleting your Telegram account after a certain period of time.

Let’s walk you through both ways by deleting your account immediately.

How to Delete Telegram Account Instantly

Before proceeding, you need to note that Telegram does not allow you to delete your account through the Telegram Android app. But if you’re an iOS user, you can. Both processes are described below. Follow up based on the device you use.

I. Permanently Delete Telegram Account Through Web Browser

Step 1Go to the Telegram deactivation page using the link below and enter your phone number with your country code.

Go to the Telegram shutdown page.

Step 2– Enter the verification code sent to your Telegram app and click to sign in.

Note: The code is sent to your Telegram app, not as an SMS.

Click Sign In.

Step 3: You will be directed to a page explaining the consequences of deleting your account. Read it carefully and click on the ‘Delete My Account’ button.

You can add a reason to leave Telegram if you want.

Click on the 'Delete My Account' button.

Step 4: Finally, click ‘Yes, delete my account’ and confirm.

Click on 'Yes, delete my account'.

Once you click Yes, you are permanently logged out of Telegram. If you want to go back, it takes a few days to create a new account.

Permanently delete Telegram account using iPhone.

It’s quite strange, but the Telegram app on iOS allows you to delete your account from the app. How to do that?

Step 1– Open the Telegram app on your iPhone and go to Settings.

Step 2– Click on ‘Privacy & Security’ under Settings.

Step 3: now, Click ‘Remotely’ below to automatically delete my account.

Step 4: Click on ‘Delete Account’.

Step 5: Scroll down and click on ‘Delete my account’.

Go there. Your Telegram account will be permanently deleted.

But what if you don’t want to delete your account right away and want to give Telegram another shot? You can set a period of inactivity after which your account will be automatically deleted. This gives you time to reconsider if you want to change your decision.

How to delete your Telegram account automatically after a specified time

It’s just a few steps and it doesn’t matter what device you use. The levels are Android, iOS Commonly used in all operating systems such as Windows and Mac.

NoteWe are using an Android device to demonstrate the steps.

Step 1: Open the Telegram app and tap on the hamburger menu.

Step 2– Click on Settings under the hamburger menu.

Step 3: now, Click on ‘Privacy and Security’.

Step 4: Scroll down and under Delete my account, Click on ‘If you are away’.

Step 5: now, Choose to delete your account after 1/3/6 months or 1 year of inactivity.

that’s it. now, All you have to do is wait for the specified time and remain inactive for your account to be automatically deleted.

What happens when you delete your Telegram account?

As stated at the beginning, messages, All your data such as groups and contacts will be removed from Telegram’s server. Besides, Before deleting your Telegram account, If you are a premium user, we recommend canceling your Telegram subscription.

All groups and channels you create will be orphaned and left without a creator; However, administrators will retain their rights. Besides, Group users can still chat unhindered and get a copy of the messages you’ve sent.

FAQs on deleting your Telegram account

1. How many times can you delete your Telegram account?

If you delete your Telegram account more than three times in a short period of time, your number will no longer work on Telegram. This means you won’t be able to subscribe to Telegram for up to three weeks.

2. Can I make a new Telegram account with the same number?

Number Telegram allows you to have only one account on one mobile number.

3. Will my contacts be seen if I uninstall Telegram?

not much, If you uninstall Telegram, your contacts won’t know. However, When you create an account; If enabled, all your contacts will be notified of your presence on the platform.

4. Can I get my messages back after uninstalling Telegram?

Yes. Since Telegram is a club-based messaging platform, you will be able to access your old messages after you reinstall the Telegram app.

Say goodbye to Telegram forever.

We hope this article will help you delete your Telegram account without any hassle. Telegram has many features that can act as an inspiration for WhatsApp. Telegram’s superior messaging experience, but if your friends and family aren’t using it, the platform is obsolete.

What is the reason for leaving Telegram? Let us know in the comments section below.

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