How to create and configure a shared mailbox in Office 365 –

This guide contains detailed instructions on how to create and configure a shared mailbox in Office 365 and how to grant permissions to users in the shared mailbox. Shared mailboxes in Office 365 do not require a license and cannot be added as a standalone mailbox to Outlook for the desktop or Outlook for the web.

A shared mailbox allows a company team (for example, the Sales team) to have a central email address (for example, where team members can receive and reply to emails from other employers or customers of the company. can give .

In general, a shared mailbox can be used to monitor and respond to emails received from multiple people belonging to the same group (eg, the “Sales” group) via a shared email (eg, “”). ‘). This means that when a group user sends or replies to a new message from the shared mailbox, he sends the message using the shared email alias (for example, “”) instead of his personal email address.

How to add a shared mailbox in Office 365.

To create a shared mailbox in Office 365:

1. Introduction Go to the Office 365 admin center and go Groups -> General mailboxes.
press Add a public mailbox.

How to set up a shared mailbox in Office 365

3. write a Name for a public mailbox (for example, “Sales”), and then enter the public mailbox’s email address (“”).

Add a public mailbox in Office 365

4. Click now Add members to this mailbox.

Add members to a shared mailbox

5. Finally, select the users you want to access the Shared Mailbox and click on it Save. *

Add members to a shared mailbox

* Additional support: Click to allow members of a shared mailbox to see what other members have sent as or on behalf of that mailbox. Editing on Sent items go to general mailbox settings and set the following parameters ON.

  • Copy items sent as this mailbox
  • Copy items sent on behalf of this mailbox


6. That’s it. Normally, when you restart Outlook for the user(s) with access to the shared mailbox, the Shared Mailbox appears in the Outlook Folders pane. If it doesn’t, go ahead and manually add a shared mailbox by following the instructions in this guide: How to set up a shared mailbox in Outlook desktop and web app.

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