How to copy a page in Word without losing formatting

No matter where we go, we face difficulties, and so come the experts. The computer is the machine that makes our lives easier than average, but sometimes it’s hard to use.

Like many software and hardware problems, one problem we are hardly aware of is copying a page. When copying a page, you need to keep in mind that the format must be stable. Generally, you can copy any text from any source and paste it into MS Word. MS Word will get all the text you copied within the time of a blink of an eye. However, there are some other aspects and tweaks that you can offer MS Word that will allow the format to remain constant.

So, today we will talk about all the ways to copy a page in Word without losing formatting. Stay tuned with us for the best result.

How to Copy a Page in Word Without Losing Formatting – Step-by-Step Process

When copying texts to MS Word, the text will follow the font styles. But, sometimes, that might not be enough for your purposes. Then, you can enable some other advanced features, but they may not work until you take the necessary steps.

How to copy a page in Word without losing formatting

Paste texts

Below are the optimal steps on how to copy the whole page in Word, including the header and footer.

  1. First, from your PC or MacBook, open MS Word.
  2. Next, in the top column, you will experience different options, such as File, Home, Insert, Design, Layout and others. From this column, select the File option.
  3. Another option box will come and now click on ‘Options.’
  4. A dialogue window will open shortly. You will find an option called “Advanced”, so click on it. You will experiment with different segments and one of them is Copy, Cut and Paste.
  5. The first option is ‘paste within the same document.’ From the box next to this option that has an arrow, click on it and set “keep source formatting”.
  6. After that, go to the next one, which is “pasting between documents”. From the box next to this option that has an arrow, click on it and set “keep source formatting”.
  7. Again, go next to “pasting between documents when style definitions conflict”. From the box next to this option with an arrow, click on it and set the “Use target styles”.
  8. Later, go to ‘paste other programs.’ From the box next to this option that has an arrow, click on it and set “keep source formatting”.
  9. Finally, you can change the image paste option from ‘insert/paste images as.’ The best option is “in line with text”, but you can change it according to your needs.

Publishing all pages

If the document is quite large, it becomes difficult to copy the entire document. So, here is a solution on how to copy multiple pages in Word without scrolling.

  1. First, open the file and let it sit for a few seconds. Since this is a large document, it may take several minutes to develop everything.
  2. Now press “Ctrl + A”. It will select the entire document, including text, images, bullets, numbers and other elements.
  3. After that, press “Ctrl + C” to copy the selected file, and this belongs to how to duplicate a page in word with tables.
  4. Finally, go to the document you want to paste into. Next, press “Ctrl + V” and you will see that all elements of the source file will be copied into the new document.

If you want to copy only one page and are looking for how to copy whole page in Word with text boxes, you need to follow the same steps. But the difference is the selection.

For the page you want to copy, double-click the first word of that page. It will select the word. Now by pressing the “Shift” button on your keyboard, click once on the last punctuation after the last word. And here’s how to copy pages in Word to another document.

Frequent questions

How do I copy a page in Word with the same format?

Reply: The trick is quite simple. First, you need to select the text you want to copy and then press Ctrl + C. All the text will be copied. Now open MS Word and press Ctrl + V. Within a second, all the selected text will be copied to the Word file. Not only the text will be copied, but also the image. Again, the format will be the same.

Why does the formatting change when I copy and paste it into Word?

Reply: The main reason behind this is the MS Word settings. If all the settings in the advanced section are correct, MS Word will not lose the format. So, you need to set all features as default. And after that, you can copy and paste into MS Word.


MS Word is one of the tools we need on a daily basis. No matter where we work, we need this software. Also, it is important to know the correct way to use MS Word. Therefore, like the other features, you need to know how to copy a page in Word without losing formatting. Also, on how to duplicate a page in word mac, the process is the same.

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