How to convert Excel to PDF on Windows 11

Converting an Excel worksheet to PDF is often necessary when you want other users to see your data but not edit it. Maybe you want to convert your Excel spreadsheet to a more manageable PDF format for media, presentations and reports, or create a file that all users can open and read even if they don’t have Microsoft Excel installed on a tablet. , for example or phone. This article is about how to convert Excel to PDF on Windows 11.

Today, PDF is arguably one of the most popular file formats. According to Google, there are over 153 million PDF files and only 2.5 million Excel files (.xls and .xlsx) on the web. There are many reasons to convert Excel to PDF.

Maybe you’ve created an offer in Excel or you don’t want anyone to change your Excel data, so it’s necessary to convert your spreadsheet to PDF. Fortunately, most of the conversion software helps to convert Excel to PDF without losing the formatting. All you have to do is select the spreadsheets you want to convert and the program will help you with the rest.

2 Ways to Convert Excel to PDF on Windows 11

How to save excel files to pdf

  • Press “File” in the upper right corner of your spreadsheet
  • Click Save a Copy in the sidebar, click on this computer, and select PDF as the save format
  • In the File Explorer “Save As” pop-up, press “Options…” again.
  • Change your page options and press OK.

How to convert Excel File to PDF with File Converter

  • Install the file converter on your computer.
  • Right click on the Excel file you want to convert and press “Show more options”.
  • Select “File Converter” from the context menu and press “To Pdf”
  • Wait for the conversion to finish
  • View your pdf output

Final Words

That’s it with our article on How to Convert Excel to PDF on Windows 11. If you also want to know how to convert an Excel sheet to PDF format on Windows PC follow the steps mentioned above.

I hope you understand this article, How to convert Excel to PDF on Windows 11.

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