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Have you ever shot a video with your cell phone or camcorder and found that when you try to play it on your computer or TV, your video scrolls? In this guide, you can find the easiest way to rotate a video to the angle you want and then save it to watch on any media device you like.

How to Convert and Save Videos (Movies)

Step 1. Download and install Windows Live Essentials – Windows Movie Maker

1. Download and install Microsoft Windows Live Essentials here: *

* Windows 8 users, get it Windows Movie Maker from here: (The link also contains Windows Movie Maker download links for all Windows versions).

2. Click on “Download now” button


3. selectRunning” to run immediatelywlsetup-web.exe” program.


(click onYes” at “User Account Management” warning message if requested).


4. Click on “Select the programs you want to install” option.


5. Select all inviting programs except “”.Photo gallery and movie makerClick ” and “Installation” button.

basic programs

6. Now wait”Windows Essentials 2012” installation complete.


Step 2. Convert your video with Movie Maker

1. Go to “Start” > “Programs” and click to open “Movie maker“.

a film maker

2. “atMovie maker” in the main program “Add videos and photos” symbol.

add movie-director-video-photos

3. Now browse your disc, select the video you want to convert (eg “MOVIE”) and press “It’s open“.

add-video-photo-movie maker

4. “Movie makerClick the button to upload your video and simply click the “Turn right” or “Turn left” button and rotate the video in the direction you want.

rotate video movie maker[3]

Now it’s time to save the video to the right angle to view it in any media player or device of your choice.

5. To save your video, simply “Save the movie” button on the top right and from the drop-down menu “Recommended for this project” option.


6. Give a new file name for your video (eg “FILM_NEW”) and press “Save” button.


7. Wait while Movie Maker saves your video.

movie maker save video

That’s it.

Go to the location where you saved your video (eg “FILM_NEW”) and from now on you will be able to play it in any media player software or on your favorite device at the right angle.


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