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If you want to know how to control two or more computers with a single keyboard and mouse, you are in the right place.

Many workers need more than one computer to perform different tasks, such as programming, rendering videos, or graphic design. This means that they need different keyboards and mice to operate each computer, which is often clumsy and inefficient.

This article provides several ways to reduce the number of keyboards and mice on your desktop by using tools designed to control multiple computers with a single keyboard and mouse.

How to share a single keyboard and mouse between multiple computers.

  1. Mouse without Borders – Control up to 4 Windows PCs with 1 keyboard and mouse.
  2. Synergy – Share a single mouse and keyboard across computers.
  3. KVM Switch (Hardware Device)

Method 1. How to control multiple PCs with Mouse Without Borders (MWB).

The first way to share a single mouse and keyboard with multiple computers is to use a program offered by Microsoft called “Mouse Without Borders (MWB)”.

A mouse without borders A great tool developed by Truong Do as part of the Microsoft Garage project, it allows you to control up to 4 Windows computers connected to the same network and copy text or drag and drop files across them.

The only downside to this tool is that it is limited to Windows computers only (Mac and Linux are not supported).

How to configure and control your PC with Mouse Without Borders:

1. Download Boundless Mouse here.

2. Open and select the downloaded installation file Yes In User Access Control (UAC) when prompted.

3. Tick I accept the terms of this agreement and select Installation. Click as soon as the installation is complete Termination

Unlimited mouse customization

4. After a few seconds, a dialog box will appear on the screen asking if you have installed and configured Mouse Without Borders on another computer. Choose No.

How to control two or more computers with one keyboard and mouse.

5. You are almost done with the setup. Now you should see on your screen a SECURITY CODE and NAME from your personal computer. Without closing In the “Almost finished” window, continue to install MWB on the second computer.


6. go to second computer and Install a borderless mouse Use the same link as in step 1.

7. On the second computer, click Yes When asked if you have installed MWB on another computer.

Share Mouse Keyboard Across Computers - Mouse Without Borders

Then, enter Security code and Another computer name and press Link.

How to share a mouse keyboard between computers

8. Finally click The next one and Donedrag and drop files across them, as well as copy and paste files, to start sharing a single mouse and keyboard on both PCs.

Control multiple computers with 1 keyboard - mouse

9. That’s it. Right click on the MWB icon and open it Settings (or press Ctrl+Alt+M) to adjust any other settings (such as layout of computers, shortcut keys, etc.).*

*Note: If you want to know more about MWB, see here.


Method 2. How to share one keyboard and mouse on multiple computers with SYNERGY.

Synergy is an open source software by Symless that allows you to control multiple computers using a central mouse and keyboard. Synergy outperforms other related software because it runs on cross-platform OS – Windows, Mac and Linux. (For example: you can use a mouse and keyboard from your Mac OS computer to control other computers with Windows or Linux OS).

Synergy offers a free version to users, although there are some restrictions that you cannot use. The free version cannot manage two or more clients from one machine (server). To share your keyboard and mouse with multiple computers (clients), you are required to purchase a license for $29.00.

Synergy has a user-friendly interface that can be easily understood by ordinary computer users. Setting up the program on Windows is as seamless as it is on Mac and Linux. Follow the instructions below to set up Synergy on Windows.

Step 1. Configuring Synergy on Server (Computer using Mouse/Keyboard)

On the computer (Server) to which you want to connect the keyboard and mouse:

1. Download Synergy here.
2. Open the downloaded installation file, Accept the license agreement and installation software.

Synergy - Share a single mouse and keyboard across computers

2. Check when the installation is complete Server (Share this computer’s keyboard and mouse) and press Termination.

Synergy - Server Setup

3. press Cancellation when prompted for a serial key and then press Yes.

4. Click now Server configuration button to configure screens and links (clients).

Synergy - Server Setup

5. In the Server Configuration “Display and Links” tab, you should see your computer name in the center (for example, “WINTIPS”). To share your mouse and keyboard with other computers, follow these steps to add them to your network:

a. Drag the new screen to an empty area on the grid. *

*Note: The location of the client computer on the network refers to the location of the managed client computer relative to the server. It can be on the right or left side of the server.

Synergy - Client Setup

b. Now double-click on the newly added screen and enter the system name (aka “Computer Name”)* of the computer you want to share the keyboard and mouse to in the “Screen Name” field. Click when done OK.

Synergy - Screen settings

*Note: Type to find the system name of your Windows-based computer System information in the search bar, then open it. Look for the value next to the system name (for example, WINTPS). This is the screen name you need to type in Synergy Screen Settings.

System name

6. After adding all computer clients, click OK To close screen and link settings.
7. Now, on the main Synergy screen, note the server’s IP address (for example, 192.1678.1.217) and leave this window open.


Step 2. Synergy setup on client(s).

1. Download and install Synergy.
2. Select after installation Client (Use another computer’s shared keyboard and mouse).
3. Stand up
the IP address from the server.

Synergy - Client Setup

Step 3. Start keyboard and mouse sharing between clients.

At this point you are good to go. Just click Start Click the button in the Synergy window on both the Server and Clients to start mouse/keyboard sharing.

Share a single keyboard and mouse with Synergy

Method 3. Share one keyboard and mouse with a KVM switch.

In addition to using software to control all your devices (Windows, Mac, and Linux) with a single keyboard and mouse, you can use a hardware switch known as a KVM SWITCH for this task.

KVM switch

A KVM switch (“Keyboard, Video and Mouse” switch) is a hardware device that allows a user to control multiple computers from a single keyboard and mouse. With KVM, users do not need to switch from one device to another. They can change the device they want to control by pressing a button on the top of the switch. The new KVM comes with multiple USB port slots and it allows you to seamlessly transfer data from one drive to another.

That’s it! Which method worked for you?
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