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If you want to connect your PC to the internet through your phone, continue reading below to learn all the available ways to do this. In this guide, we’ll show you how to connect to the internet using your phone’s mobile data so you can surf the web, use your favorite apps and listen to music on the go.

When wireless networks are unavailable or you cannot connect your laptop to a wireless network, the solution is to use a spare Internet connection “in your pocket”. Yes, that’s right, you can use your phone’s mobile data to connect a computer, laptop, tablet, or other phone to the Internet.

The technology of sharing a mobile phone’s Internet connection with other devices is called “Tethering” or “Hotspot” and today almost all mobile phones support it. “Tethering” (connecting to other devices) can be done via USB cable, Wireless or Bluetooth and is useful when you are not connected to the Internet via Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

If you want to share the Internet from your phone to other devices, follow the instructions in this guide with detailed steps.

How to connect the Internet from a mobile phone to a computer, laptop, tablet, etc.?

Method 1: Share mobile Internet using a wireless connection.

Method 2: Share Mobile Internet via USB connection.

Method 3: Share mobile Internet via Bluetooth connection.

Method 1. How to connect mobile Internet to any Wi-Fi device

If you have a laptop or desktop with a Wireless network card or other wireless device (eg Tablet, other phone, etc.), you can connect it to Mobile Internet using the most popular method, Wireless Tethering.

Below you will find how to connect your Windows 10 PC to the mobile internet on your Android or iPhone. There are two steps in this method. The first step is to activate the Wireless Hotspot on your phone and the second is to connect your PC with it.

Step 1. Activate the Wi-Fi hotspot on the mobile phone.


To enable Portable Hotspot on your Android phone:

1. Turn on the Mobile data image and Wi-fi image on your phone.

2. go to Settings and open Mobile hotspot and connectivity (or “Portable hotspot“).*

*Note: Hotspot settings on some phones can be found under Connections or Internet & Networks.)


3. On the next screen, turn the toggle switch to activation the Portable hotspot and then press Set up a portable hotspot.


3c. Mark on this page Hotspot name (a) and Hotspot password.

1. If you’ve set up a hotspot before and can’t remember the password, tap the eye icon to open it.
2. Optionally, on this page, you can specify the security type and AP range, but I suggest leaving the default settings.


4. Once done, save the settings and go to step 2 to connect your PC to Mobile Hotspot.


To enable Personal Hotspot on your iPhone:

1. Go to iPhone Settings and touch Personal access point.


2. Turn the knob ON next to Personal access point in the next window. *

*Note: If you want to view or change your Hotspot password, tap and click the password field below the slider Done.


3. After turning on the hotspot on your iPhone, you can connect to the Internet on your Windows 10 computer by following the instructions in the next step.

Step 2. Connect Windows 10 to a mobile hotspot.

1. Click the Wi-Fi icon in the taskbar and find the mobile hotspot. *

*Note: Alternatively, you can go Start image menu > Settings image > Network and Internet > Wi-Fi and press Show available networks .

2. Select your phone’s network (Hotspot name) and click Connect.


3. Enter the password for the Mobile Hotspot you specified (or saw) in step 1 above and click The next one.


4. Once connected, you are ready to access the Internet on your PC through your mobile phone.

Method 2. How to connect your computer to Mobile Data Internet on your phone using a USB cable.

The second way to connect your computer to the Internet through your phone’s mobile data is to use a USB cable. (USB connection).

Using this method, all you need to do is connect your mobile phone to your computer using a USB cable and enable USB connectivity on your mobile device. Let’s take a closer look at the process:

1. Connect transfer your phone to your computer using USB cable it came with your phone.
2. tap on turn on (activation). Mobile data image on your phone.

3. Go to the phone Settings and open Mobile hotspot and connectivity (or “Portable hotspot“).*

*Note: On some phones, the “Connectivity” settings can be found under the “Connections” or “Internet & Network” or “USB & Connectivity” options.)


4. tap on USB connection slider to scroll ON. *

Note: If a warning appears on your screen that continuing will prevent any data transfer between your phone and PC, tap . OK continue.


5. That’s it! From now on, you will be able to access Mobile Internet from your computer.

Method 3. How to connect your PC to the Internet through your Android phone using Bluetooth.

A final way to access mobile Internet data from your computer is to use Bluetooth if your phone and computer have Bluetooth.

Step 1. Activate the Bluetooth connection on your Android phone.

1. Turn on the Mobile data image on your phone.

2. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone using one of the following methods:

a. click on Bluetooth icon in quick settings or…


b. go to Settings -> Connections –> Bluetooth and. Drag the Bluetooth slider to ON.


3. Then go to the phone Settings > Mobile hotspot and connectivity and turn on the Bluetooth connection.


Step 2. Connect your Windows 10 PC with your phone,

1. click on Start image menu and select Settings image > Devices.


2. In the next window:

a. click on Bluetooth and other devices and turn the switch counterclockwise Bluetooth to the ON position.

b. press Add Bluetooth or another device


3. Choose Bluetooth.


4. Now click on your phone from the list of available devices.


5. Click when prompted Pairing on your phone and press Connect on your computer.


6. Once both devices are connected, tap Done.


Step 3. Connect your Windows 10 PC to your phone’s Internet via Bluetooth.

1. Click the right mouse button Bluetooth Click and select the icon on the taskbar Join a private network. *

*Note: If you can’t find the Bluetooth icon in the taskbar, go to Control Panel > Devices and Printers and continue reading below.


2. In the next window, find and right click on your phone icon. Choose > Connect through an access point option.


3. Once connected, you will be able to access the Internet via Bluetooth on your mobile device.

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