How to check the Power Supply on a computer

Building a computer yourself, or even upgrading it, isn’t difficult, but it does require at least a basic understanding of how all the pieces fit together. To build or upgrade one, you need to understand what graphics cards are compatible with your motherboard, what types of processor sockets are compatible with your motherboard, and, arguably most importantly, how much power needed to keep it running. In this article we will try to teach you how to Check Power Supply on PC.

A power supply is one of the core components of every computer, and nothing works without it. Knowing the exact specifications of your power supply can help you determine if your system has the best configuration for your computing or gaming needs. However, the nature of the power supply makes it difficult to find an easy way to check its specifications. Below we have mentioned the steps to know about Power Supply on PC.

How to Check a Computer’s Power Supply

  • Power your computer all the way down. You can hit “Start,” “Power,” and then “Shut Down.” When it’s off, unplug it.
  • Carefully remove the side panel of the computer, which is part of the case. Some cases can be cut out, and you will need other cases to grab the screwdriver and remove about 2-8 screws, depending on the model and size.
  • Locate the power supply. It will be next to the port for the computer’s power cord, which you unplugged earlier.
  • Once you’ve found the power supply, you can inspect it for any relevant information, such as its maximum output, measured in watts, and its efficiency rating.

Final Words

We hope our article on how to Check Power Supply on PC will help you and solve all your problems. Because without the right power supply, your computer won’t run at all. If the wrong PSU is installed, turn on your computer and it will shut down immediately.

I hope you understand this article, How to check the Power Supply on a computer.

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