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As you know, protecting your computer and personal information with passwords is very important. Having a strong password will protect you more from hackers and malware.

Also, for added security, it’s a good practice to change your passwords frequently to protect your privacy. In the list below, you will find all available methods to change your Windows password or reset another user’s password.

How to Change/Reset Password in Windows 11/10/8.1/7. *

1. If you want to reset your Windows password on a different account, follow the instructions in method 3, 4, or 5.
2. If you forget your Windows password and want to reset it, see the instructions in this article: How to reset your Windows password if you forget it.

For Microsoft accounts:
If you connect to Windows 10/11 with an MS account and want to change your password, go to your Microsoft account page and go to the following address. Security click on the section Change my password link Follow the instructions and set a new password. After changing the password, restart log into your computer and log in to Windows 10/11 using the new password.

change microsoft account password

For local accounts:
If you log on to Windows using a local account, follow one of the following methods to change your password.

1. Account settings


3. Control panel

4. Command line

5. Local users and groups

Method 1. Change the password in the account settings.

The first and most common way to change a password in Windows is to use the Login options in Account Settings.

1. press Windows + I keys together to open Windows Settings and select Accounts from the list of available options.

How to change Windows password.

2. click on Access options from the left panel and select Password on the right side of the window.

Change password Windows 10/11

3. Now click on it Change Button under password.

password change windows

4. First enter your current password, then enter a new one and click OK. (You will need to enter the new password twice to confirm.).
5. Restart log on to your computer and log in to Windows using the new password.

Method 2. Change Windows password from Ctrl + Alt + Delete options.

The next and easy way to change your account password is the Ctrl + Alt + Delete “Change Password” option.

1. press Ctrl+Alt+Del Press the keys on your keyboard together.

2. click on it Change the password option on your screen.

change password ctrl-alt-del

3. On the next screen, enter your current password and then enter the new password you want to set twice.
4. Click when done Enter or click on Arrow key is bound with a password confirmation window to apply the change.


5. Restart your computer or Exit and sign in again to make the changes.

Method 3. Reset the Windows password from the control panel.

The classic way to change your password or reset another user’s password* is to use the User Accounts options in Control Panel.

*Note: To reset another user’s password, you must log on to Windows with an account that has administrative privileges.

1. Type in the search field control Panel to open it.

control Panel

2. Change “View” to “Small characters” and open User accounts.

control panel user accounts

3. Click now Manage another account option.

control panel user accounts manager another account

4. Now select the account you want to change the password for.

change password control panel

5. Click now Change the password.

password reset control panel

6. Now enter the new password twice and click Change the keyword.

password reset control panel

Method 4. Change or reset the password from the command line.

One of the classic ways to change a password in Windows is to use the “net user” command:

1. Type in the search field cmd and then open it Command line as administrator.

Run the command prompt as an administrator

3. In a command prompt window, issue the following command to list all users in Windows.

4. Now find the account/username whose password you want to change and issue the following command to change its password:

  • net user Username is NewPassword

*Note: Change it Username with your username and replace New Password with the password you want to use.

password change-reset command

Method 5. Reset the Windows password with the LUSRMGR.MSC utility.

If you have Windows 10/11 Professional, you can reset your Windows password from the Local Users and Groups options:

1. press Windows + R keys together to open Running dialog box.

2. Type lusrmgr.msc click on the text field of the dialog box and click Enter.


3a. Choose Users on the left.

local users and groups

3b. Now right-click and select the account you want to change the password for Set a password from the context menu.

set passwords for local users and groups

4. Choose Keep going in the dialog box.

password recovery of local users and groups

5. Now set a new password and then confirm it. Click when done OK to save the changes.


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