How to Change the Speed ​​of a Photo Slideshow on the iPad Guide

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The Photo Slideshow feature on iPad and the associated picture frame are great ways to display pictures stored on your device. However, the images change quite often, and because the default setting is 3 seconds. This can be adjusted much longer or shorter, depending on your preferences, and these adjustments are made through individual feature settings, not by starting a slideshow.

Set the slideshow speed for an overview

This affects all the images that appear in the slideshow when you start it through Photos, whether it’s in the Camera Roll or other folders.

  • Open Settings and go to Photos and Camera, then look at the Slideshow options
  • Select “Do both sides” and select the length in seconds

Set the slideshow timer on iPad

Here you will find options for 2 seconds, 3 (default), 5, 10 and 20 seconds.

Slide show timer settings

A quick reminder that the only way to play music with pictures is to use the slideshow feature as it is not available through the picture frame.

Set the slide show speed for the photo frame

Separate back and forth from the general slideshow, you can also independently control the rotation speed of the image through the photo frame feature, which can be accessed by tapping the flower icon on the green screen.

  • Open Settings and go to “Picture Frame”
  • Tap “Do both sides” and select a new duration in seconds

Change the photo frame timer on iPad

The available time settings are the same as the slideshow, all options are in seconds: 2, 3 (default), 5, 10 and 20.

Of course, this isn’t a particularly wild adjustment, but if you place an iPad around the house or on a table as a picture frame or use it for a slideshow with AirPlay as a presentation, these are welcome adjustments.

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