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Change default “New tab” behavior in your internet browser helps prevent other users from accidentally viewing your most visited websites. This feature also slows down your browser’s loading speed when you click a button. New tab button. The New tab This feature is available in most popular browsers today like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc. and helps users to quickly open their most visited sites with a single click.

If you want to set a custom URL for New Tab in your browser, follow the instructions below.

An example of a screenshot after clicking a new tab page in Internet Explorer:


How to change the default new tab behavior in your browser.

Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox

Internet Explorer

How to Change the Default New Tab Behavior in Internet Explorer

1. Open Internet Explorer and then open “Internet Options“.

To do this from IE’s file menu, select “Tools” > “Internet Options“.

Note*: In recent versions of IE, “Device” symbol image_thumb18 top right.

internet options

2. In General tab, click on it Settings button Shortcuts Department.

new tab settings

3. Click the drop down arrow under “When a new tab opens, open it:” settings to define your preferred new sheet behavior and then “OK” Double-click to close Internet Options.


4. Continue using your browser.

Google chrome

How to Change the Default New Tab Behavior in Google Chrome

1. Go to the Google Web Store and download and install the new Tab Redirect extension.
2. After installation, click Setting parameters and specify the URL you want to load when a New Tab opens in Chrome.

Mozilla Firefox

How to Change the Default New Tab Behavior in Mozilla Firefox

1: Open Firefox and type in the address bar: about: config

About Firefox configuration

2. Click on “I’ll be careful, I promise!Click the button to continue.

About: Configuring Firefox

3. Type in the search field: newtab

about.config newtab

4. Double click to open “browser.newtab.url” entry

5. Change the String value to your favorite web page (eg and “OK value

6. Restart Firefox for the changes to take effect.

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