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The recently released Windows 11 has more than 110 languages. A fresh installation of Windows 11 gives you the option to set the default language. However, you can easily change the display language in Windows 11 if you want to use a different display language or if you bought a computer configured in a different language. using the instructions in this article.

Some Windows 11 computers, especially laptops, come pre-installed with languages ​​such as Chinese, Japanese, depending on the region of purchase. In other cases, multiple users sharing the same computer may decide to apply different languages ​​to their user profiles. *

* For example: if you share a Windows 11 computer with “English” as the display language, you can read this guide and select “French” as the display language in your user profile.

However, you can easily change the display language of Windows 11 to suit your needs.

How to change the display language in Windows 11.

Before changing the display language in Windows 11, consider the following: If you set up your PC with a Microsoft account, then any changes you make to the display language settings on that PC will be synchronized across all your devices using the same Microsoft . account. If you don’t want this, you can continue and prevent the synchronization of language settings by following these steps:

How to stop syncing the display language between devices. *

*Note: Note that if you install a computer with a local account, the display language will not be synchronized on other computers. In this case, there is no need to specify synchronization of language settings.

1. Right click at Start clip_image002 menu and select Settings


2. Choose Accounts on the left and then click Windows Backup on the right side.


3. under Remember my preferences settings, remove the mark the Language preferences option.


4. After completing the above steps, you can change the language settings on other devices using the same MS account without affecting the display language.

How to change the language in Windows 11.

1. Right click at Start clip_image002 menu and select Settings.

2. Choose Time and language on the left and click Language and region on the right.


3. Underneath Language section, select Add a language Click on the “Preferred languages” button.


4. Scroll down until you find the language you want to install, select it, and click it The next one. *

*Note: You can use the search bar for quick access to the language. (eg type french to the search box to quickly find “French”


5. Yes Set language properties options:

a. Check it all out Optional language features and select whether you can install them.*

*Note: Not all languages ​​in Windows 11 support input and display features, such as Display Language, Text-to-Speech, Speech Recognition, and Handwriting.

b. Check Set as my Windows display language option.

c. click on Installation button.


6. When the language pack download is complete, the new language will be added to the base “Preferred Languages” and you will get a message saying “Windows must be logged out to apply your new display language”. press Exit to apply the change.


7. The next time you log on, Windows 11 will be displayed in the language you set, and the changes will apply to all Windows 11 settings and apps.

If you are changing the language of Windows 11 because you are in a different country, you can also change the region. For this:

  1. Go back to Time and language -> Language and region
  2. Underneath “region” department, da Country or region use the drop down menu to select your current location and you’re done.


Summary: Changing your Windows 11 language is relatively easy when you install your preferred language pack. The only inconvenience you might face is logging out and reopening apps.

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