How to change the display language in Windows 8 –

One of the changes that Microsoft brings with Windows 8 is the ability to install additional language packs in all versions of Windows 8. This option was first introduced in Windows 7, but was only available for Ultimate and Enterprise editions.

This is a guide on how to change the display language in Windows 8.

(Watch this tutorial on YouTube.)

1. Right click on the screen lower left corner and select from the pop-up menu “Control Panel”.


2a. If your view is: Categoryopen”Add a language” under “Time, language and region” group.


2b. If your view is: Small iconopen”Language” option.


3. From the list of installed languages, select the language you like as the screen language of your operating system (for example, Deutsch in our example) and “Options” on the right.

Note*: See this article on how to add another language in Windows 8.


4. Select to open “Download and install the language pack” option.


5. Click on “Yes” to “User account management” security warning.


7. Relax and let the system download and install the language pack.


8. When the installation is complete, “Shut down“.


9. From the main language settings window, select your preferred display language and “Move up“.


10. Close all windows and restart your computer.

Your chosen language is now active!

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