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The default web browser on a fresh install of Windows 11 is Microsoft Edge, but if you’re not a big fan of Microsoft Edge, Microsoft makes it difficult and complicated to switch to your favorite browser.

In Windows 11, Microsoft appears to be aggressive in using Microsoft Edge* as the default web browser software and removes other third-party apps that are available by default before upgrading to Windows 11.

*Note: Microsoft recommends the Edge browser because it’s fast, secure, and can protect you from malicious attacks from malware, unverified websites, and malicious email attachments.

If you prefer to make Google Chrome, Firefox, or any other third-party web browser of your choice your default browser, you can do so by following the instructions below.

How to change the default web browser in Windows 11.

Here are the steps to set your favorite web browser as default in Windows 11:

1. Choose Start image -> Settings image -> Applications

2. press Standard applications on the right.

How to change the default browser in Windows 11.

3. under Set default settings for applicationsScroll down the list to find your recommended browser or type its name in the Search field.

4. Click on your favorite browser (for example, “Google Chrome”).

Set default settings for applications

5. Here you can see a list of all file types assigned to open with the selected web browser, such as .HTM, .HTML, .SHTML, .SVG, .XHT, .XHTML, .FTP, .HTTP, .HTTPS, etc. PDF and more.

Since it is not possible to change your default browser for all web file types with one click in Windows 11, you should go ahead and set the default browser separately for the following file types: .htm, .html., HTTP and. HTTPS. For this:

1. Click on .htm file type, select your favorite browser from the list and click OK. (If a Before You Go pop-up prompts you to stick with Microsoft Edge, go ahead and select Switch Anyway).

Do the same for 2 .html file type and for HTTP and HTTPS links.

How to set the default browser in Windows 11

6. At this point, you are done setting up the default web browser in Windows 11. If you want to prevent Edge from being the default application for other file types, follow the same steps for each file type in the list. I know it’s hard, right?

There’s moreā€¦Even after you switch your default browser from Microsoft Edge to another app, you’ll still get Microsoft Edge as your favorite browser for a number of Windows apps, and especially the Windows 11 search and news widgets. on the taskbar.

For example, if you click on a news item with a headline, it will open a web page in Microsoft Edge. If you find this feature annoying, follow the instructions below to open Edge-specific links from other apps to your favorite browser.

How to change the default web browser search and news links for Windows 11.

Before proceeding below, you should know that normally, changing the default browser for other Windows 11 applications should be done via: Start menu -> Settings -> Applications -> Standard applications -> Select default settings by link type -> MICROSOFT-EDGE.

If you go there and click on Microsoft Edge, you’ll see that the third-party browsers you’ve installed won’t appear as an option.


So, if you want to open all associated Edge links in other Windows apps (like Cortana assistant, built-in help links, news links, etc.) with your favorite browser, the only way is to install a third-party app. “EdgeDeflector” *. To complete this task:

*Note: Edge Deflector A small utility that grabs URLs that open web links in Microsoft Edge and directs them to open in your favorite browser (Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.). After playing around with the program, I noticed that it still has compatibility issues with Windows 11 and is not stable yet.

1. Go to the EdgeDeflector GitHub releases Web page.

2. Click on “EdgeDeflector_install.exe” to download EdgeDeflector.

Edge Deflector

3. When the download is complete, double click on”EdgeDeflector_install.exe” To install EdgeDeflector on Windows 11.


4. Once the installation is complete, proceed Start image -> Settings image -> Applications -> Standard applications


5. Scroll down and click Select default settings by link type.

How to change the default browser for Windows 11 search and news links.

6. find MICOSOFT-EDGE section in the list (or enter “edge” in the search box)

7. click on Microsoft Edge.


8. Select “EdgeDeflector” from the list and click on it OK to confirm the changes.


9. You are done! EdgeDeflector should now block links that try to force-open in Microsoft Edge and open them using your default web browser instead.

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