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The color bars in the Mac OS X dock provide an easy way to tell which apps are running by looking at the dock. OS X basically gives you two options for these indicators, ie to show them or not, but since we want to customize things, we’ll cover how to change the appearance of the LEDs so that they appear in colors completely different. Alternatively, this could involve using a simple indicator that will also appear glowing, making the OS X dock look a little more minimal:

Black Dock Indicators in Mac OS X.

to change the Dock detectors there are actually two ways, one is to use the free tool called MacUtil, and the other is done completely manually without any third party applications or downloads. MacUtil is the easiest way, so it’s a generally recommended approach, and we’ll cover that first. Because either method changes system files, it’s a good idea to do a quick manual backup of your Time Machine before you begin. It’s unlikely something will go wrong, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. As always with these system changes, proceed at your own risk.

Change the color of the OS X dock lights with MacUtil

We deal with the first volume method using a free third-party program called MacUtil. If you want to do it yourself or use different colors than MacUtil offers, go to the manual approach below:

  • Get MacUtil for free from the developer
  • Start MacUtil and click the button next to Change LED color for open applications
  • Change dock light colors with macUtil

  • Enter the administrator password to verify the changes
  • Select the color you want to change

Replace the dock lights with new colors with MacUtil

You now have many color options to choose from: Default (literally the default on OS X), Green, Light, Light Purple, Purple, Turkish, Purple, Glossy, Yellow, and “Custom”, depending on your own. input image files, and can be used to make any color of the lights.

If you just want to make the LEDs brighter, “Vivid” is an obvious choice that brightens the default setting, making it a little clearer which applications are active and which aren’t.

Whichever color you choose, the changes are instant and take effect quickly, so it doesn’t take much effort to see the ones you like the most.

This is “vibrant”which greatly facilitates:

Bright indicator lights

This is the size “Yellow” track lights. appearance:

yellow indicator lights

And here’s what it is “Violet” The lights look like this:

Purple indicator lights

And here’s what it is “Custom” light color. It looks like we chose a black rectangle that looks good if you like minimalism more than glowing sparkle:

Custom black markers

For those interested in black, it’s just a small 10×3 file that’s black, you can download it here or save a small black image below if you’re interested in using it yourself.

Custom black dock indicator

Note that this black sample pointer is not retina ready, so if you have a retina Mac, you’ll want to use a higher resolution version instead. I just made this file myself, which is very easy to do by grabbing one of the files in the manual approach below, making the desired color changes, then saving it and using it with a character function “Custom” MacUtil.

Of course, this is really easy to change from MacUtil, but if you want to do it manually, it will be covered next.

Change the dock lights manually

For the do-it-yourself crowd, you can do all of this yourself by editing the system files and replacing them with your own changes. It doesn’t rain on anyone’s parade, but it is a tedious process, so if you don’t particularly want to use a specific image, it’s easier to use the MacUtil method described above. However, we will show you how you can modify these files yourself if you tend to move manually.

This requires changing the system files yourself, it’s always a good idea to do a quick manual backup on Time Machine or any other use before making changes to system folders and their contents.

  • In Finder Go to Folder, press Command + Shift + G and type the following path:
  • /System/Library/CoreServices/

  • Use the “Folder Search” feature in the upper right corner, limit the search to the “Resources” folder only, and search for “indicator_”
  • Manually change Dock light colors in Mac OS X.

  • Select each one and copy these files to a folder on your desktop called Indicator Backup – this is so that you can easily revert to the defaults if you decide that replacing indicators is inconvenient.
  • Edit or replace Resources / directory contents to change indicators, focus on the following files:
  • indicator_large.pngindicator_large @ 2x.pngindicator_medium_simple.pngindicator_medium_simple @ 2x.pngindicator_medium.pngindicator_medium @ 2x.pngindicator_small_simple.pngindicator_small_simple @ 2x.pngindicator

  • Go to the terminal and kill the upgrade dock for the changes to take effect
  • killall dock

  • Enjoy the new Dock indicator icons

Because its value is @ 2x, it shows whether the image file for the retina screens is the size or not, and if you do not have Mac retina, you do not need to replace them to apply the changes.

You can edit these files however you want, whether it’s making simple hue and saturation changes with Preview, or replacing them with completely different images and your own art created through Pixelmator, Photoshop, or image editing application of your choice.

Good customization!

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