How to Burn ISO File to DVD or CD (Create DVD, CD from ISO) –

An ISO image file, commonly called a “disc image,” can contain the entire contents of an optical disc. An ISO image file has the extension “.iso” after its name, and you can use it as you would a traditional physical disc (open, learn): How to mount ISO image files (open and learn).

In this guide, you can find detailed instructions on how to burn an ISO image file to a DVD, CD, HD DVD, or Blu-ray disc.

How to burn ISO file to CD / DVD / HD DVD or Blu-ray disc.

Step 1: Download and install ImgBurn.

ImgBurn It’s a lightweight CD/DVD/HD DVD/Blu-ray burning software that everyone should have in their toolkit!

1. Download it ImgBurn from:

2. Choose “Run” in the pop-up window.


3. selectThe next one” on screen 1 of ImgBurn’s setup wizard.


4. Accept it the license agreement and select “The next one“.


5. Leave the default settings and choose “Next”.


6. Leave the default installation location (unless you use another location to install programs) and select “Next”.


7. selectThe next one” in the folder options in the start menu.


8. When the installation is complete, selectTermination” and start using ImgBurn.


Step 2: Burn ISO image to CD/DVD/HD DVD/Blu-ray using ImgBurn.

1. Insert the optical disc you want to image into the CD/DVD drive and double click at ImgBurn application under Programs.

2. VWhen the ImgBurn application starts, the “Burn the image file to disk” option.

Burn the ISO file to a DVD

3. Click onselect the fileClick the ” icon to select an ISO image file to burn to DVD or CD.


4. Select the ISO image file from your computer and click “It’s open“.


5. Finally click ‘Write‘ and then wait until your disc is created.


That’s it!

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