How to blur faces when you publish a video on YouTube –

If you’ve recorded a video that shows people’s faces and you want to keep them out of the spotlight, you should blur all the faces in your video. YouTube now offers the ability to automatically blur faces in your videos. The only thing you need is a YouTube account (Google account), and the rest is described in this guide.

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to blur faces and protect the anonymity of people in your videos.


How to automatically blur faces in a video using the YouTube video editor.

Step 1. Upload your video to YouTube.

First of all, you need to upload the video you want to blur faces to YouTube.

1. Sign in to YouTube with your Gmail account.


2. Click the Upload button to upload your video YouTube.


3a. click on drop down arrow next to it Public press the button and “Personal


3b. Click on “Select files to download” button.


4. Browse the disc and select the video you want to blur faces and click Open.


5. Wait for the download process to complete and continue Step 2.


Step 2. Blur faces in your video.

1. click on tootheddrop down sign image next to Upload button – option – and “Video manager“.


2. click onEditing” in a recently uploaded video.


3. click onImprovements“.

Edit YouTube_Video

4. In the Extensions section, clickSpecial effects“.


5. In the special effects options “Please applyClick the button next to it Blur all faces option.


6. Preview the changes and how your video will look after the changes in the video player* and then “Save otherwiseA video of blurred faces or “Return to the original stateClick ” to revert all changes.

*Note: You can drag the line in the middle of the video player to see a side-by-side comparison.


7. “After you clickSave otherwise” button, you have the option to save or delete your original video after the blurring process is complete. Note that if you decide to delete the original video, you will not be able to go back to the original video after the blur has been applied. So make up your mind and move on*.

*Note: At this point I prefer to keep my original video.


8. Wait for the dimming process to complete. After the operation, go to the Video Manager and you will see a new copy of your video with all the faces blurred. Now you can publish this video with all faces blurred.


10. If you want to download a new video to your computer, when you are in the Video Manager, click the button drop down arrow next to it Editing press the button and “MP4 download“.


You are done!

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