How to Apply iPhone Screen Protector

Using a glass screen protector does not guarantee that you will never damage your iPhone screen. But a protector can prevent screen scratches, which affect the structural integrity of the glass and make cracks more likely. Screen protectors for phones and tablets can be some of the most frustrating accessories to get right. It seems almost impossible to combine perfect placement with removing every bubble. In this article we will try to teach you how to apply an iPhone screen protector.

The worst is that you have tried to make it perfect or the screen protector has been completely destroyed. However, this guide describes a harmless way to apply a screen protector with little effort and leaves a device that is 100% bubble free. This method works for any type of screen protector on the market, even tempered glass if you prefer. Below we have mentioned the steps to Apply iPhone Screen Protector.

How to Install a Screen Protector on an iPhone

Remove the Case

The only time we would consider keeping the case when installing a screen protector is when installing a screen protector that covers the entire glass surface of the device. We would only do this to ensure a good fit between the screen protector and there is only one screen protector when we would recommend this.

Set Up Your Space

There are two things here. The first step is to make sure your setup area is clean, but more importantly, make sure you’re applying your screen protector in a well-lit area. You will be placing a clear piece of plastic/glass on top of another pane of glass, so it is essential to see everything.

Wash your hands

Most instructions don’t include this step, which is silly for us. Washing your hands will ensure that you don’t accidentally stain the surface of the screen protector and leave fingerprints on the adhesive side of the screen protector.

Follow the Installation Instructions

Another silly step, but here we read the instructions. Screen protectors, which are a bit more expensive, usually come with installation tools, so you need to have a good idea of ​​how to use them to ensure a perfect installation.

Do a Final Cleanup

We have found that many manufacturers include a small microfiber cloth for cleaning the screen, but most of these seem to be cheaply made and spend more than they collect. For this step, use anything sticky to remove the last bits of dust from your device.

Line Up Screen Protector

Before aligning the screen protector, place the device horizontally across your field of view. Take the screen protector, remove the sticker and align the screen protector along the cutout of the device. Keeping the screen protector at each corner will make it easier for you to position the screen protector. Bring the screen protector as close as possible to the device and when you feel everything is lining up, release one of the sides. If everything still looks aligned, drop the other end onto the device.

Get rid of the bubbles

When the screen protector is on the device, press down on the middle. This should start the adhesion process on most glass screen protectors and also make it easier to rub the air bubbles that rub off on your installation.

Final Words

We hope our article on how to install Screen Protector on iPhone will help you and solve all your problems. If you also want to know how to apply a screen protector on an iPhone screen then follow the steps mentioned above.

I hope you understand this article, How to Apply iPhone Screen Protector.

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