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If you are looking for ways to add checkboxes in Word, you are in the right place as this tutorial will show you all the steps in detail.

Microsoft Office comes with a wide range of handy tools, and Word is one of them. This tool helps users create and edit documents, including promotional materials, assignments, and quizzes. You can easily customize each document thanks to the wide range of options provided by Microsoft Word.

If you’re creating a survey or quiz, it’s a good idea to add checkboxes so that respondents can select the desired option from multiple-choice questions. Fortunately, Word allows you to do this, but this feature is not enabled by default.

To add checkboxes in Word, we have listed the easiest yet effective solutions in this guide, which include:

How to put checkboxes in Word documents

Method 1: Put clickable cells in Word.

Method 2: Check boxes for printable Word documents.

Method 3: Add checkboxes via the Add option in the printable documents.

Method 1. How to add clickable cells in Word.

If you want to add a clickable box in Word 2016, 2019, or Office 365*, follow these steps:

*Note: See below for instructions on Office 2007.

1. In any Word document, click File menu and select options, or…


right click anywhere in House Go to the tab’s ribbon menu and select Select Adjust the strap option.


2. Choose Adjust the strap from the left panel and from the right panel:

  1. Choose Basic sheets.
  2. check the Programmer checkbox.
  3. Click when done OK

Place clickable boxes

3.To add a clickable checkbox to your Word document:

  1. Place the cursor on the part of the page where you want to add the cell.
  2. go to Programmer tab and click Check box button.

Add checkboxes in Word documents

Word 2007.

To make a clickable cell in Word 2007:

1. In Word 2007Click on the Microsoft Office icon image in the upper left corner and select Word Options, or (alternatively) go to Tools > Word options.


2. Yes Famous check the label Show the Developer tab in the ribbon box and click OK.


3. To mark up a Word document:

  1. Place the cursor on the part of the page where you want to add the cell.
  2. In Programmer click the tab Old forms button and then click Checkbox form field.


4. An unchecked box is added to the document by default. To whom check box, double click select on Checked and press OK.


Method 2. How to check boxes for printed documents.

If you want to add blank cells for the documents to be printed, follow these steps:

1. Above House tab, click the drop-down menu Character list press and select Select a new icon.

Check the boxes Word

2. click on Symbol button.


3. In the Symbols window, select:

  1. change the Font for Wings 2 or Wings.
  2. click on square icon* and press OK to mark the document. *

*Alternatively, you can also write 163 In the character code (Wingdings2), if you want to check the box shown below.


Method 3. Add checkboxes in Word using Insert options.

Another way to add cells for printable Word documents is to:

1. Yes Enter tab, click Signs in the ribbon menu and go to Symbol > More characters.


  1. change the Font for Wings or Wings 2.
  2. click on square icon* and press Enter to add a cell to your document. *

*Alternatively, you can also write 168 In the character code (Wingdings), if you want to check the box shown below.


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