How to Add a Transparent Context Menu to Windows 11

Windows 11 supports a default transparent background for the desktop, taskbar, start menu, Windows Terminal, and many other applications. Windows 10 also allows you to work with these options, although they are less effective. Transparency effects in Windows 11 are system-wide settings that create transparency and visual depth on your flat screen. They are a component of Microsoft’s Fluent Design system called Acrylic, which provides improved visual choice for context menus, flyout items and overlapping windows. This article is about how to Add Transparent Context Menus to Windows 11.

Despite being called “transparency effects”, in reality very few Windows applications allow you to “see the other side”. (The Command Prompt is an example.) For most applications, Windows 11 opted for a semi-transparent look, allowing only menu, desktop, and taskbar items to blend seamlessly to create the illusion of transparency and depth. Below we have mentioned the steps to add Transparent Context Menus to Windows 11.

How to Enable Transparent Effect on Context Menu in Windows 11

  • Click on the file and extract the archive.
  • Make sure to double click on the Injector file and the acrylic effect will be applied to the classic context menu in Windows 11 as well.
  • If you ever want to disable the effect, on the open program press any key and then exit.
  • If you want to run the tool at startup, you need to create a shortcut to the Injector file.
  • Right-click it, go to, and then click Desktop (Create Shortcut).
  • Press Windows + R on your keyboard and type there shell:startup.
  • Copy and paste the shortcut into that location.

Final Words

We hope our article on how to use Transparent Effect on Context Menu in Windows 11 will help you and solve all your problems. Windows 10 has also now been updated to support transparency effects with the same menu options as Windows 11. However, the effect is not nearly as strong or shiny.

I hope you understand this article, How to Add a Transparent Context Menu to Windows 11.

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