How to add a top border in Word

Whether you are doing an office task or a university assignment, MS Word is the ultimate option to press.

There are many options related to this software. You can edit a document according to your style, including the border. If you want to draw or add a border, you need to open MS Word first. After that, in the middle of the third line, there is an option called Borders. Generally you will see the logo. The logo resembles four squares with a down arrow. Click the arrow and the option to add a top border will appear.

Today we will enlighten you with all the facts regarding the border and how to add a top border in words. For details, read the rest of the article.

How To Add A Top Border In Word – Ultimate MS Office Hack

Top border in Word

If we have computers, a set of software is immensely needed. One of the group is MS Office. And MS Word belongs to this official package. However, since there are a lot of features for editing a document, finding the exact option seems a little tricky. Also, all features are displayed by symbols, so if you need to keep a few seconds to learn the feature’s name or work.

For Windows

A symbol shows the border drawing or adding process on MS Word. The symbol comprises four squares with a downward pointing arrow. However, the steps explained below are also applicable to how to add borders in Word on mobile devices.

  1. First, open MS Word on your computer.
  2. After that, click Home. It’s located in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. In the third row in the center of the options, you’ll see a small symbol that includes four squares together. And an arrow at the bottom right. Press the arrow. The option to add a border will come.
  4. Now select “top edge”. Your borders will be drawn, and is this how you put a border on a single page in Word?
page border

For iOS

Now we know the last process of how to add a top border in word on mac. MacBook applications are always complex for Windows users. But we are here to make it easy for you. Here are the steps to draw borders in MS Word.

  1. First, open MS Word on your MacBook.
  2. Next, hit the Home button in the top right corner. You will find all the options to edit your document.
  3. Now, in the middle of the third row, you will see a symbol where four squares together with a down arrow. Click on it.
  4. Soon a gallery will open with various borders like top, bottom, left, right and others. Click on the desired one. And your border will be added.

In the last option, Borders and Shadows, you can change the styles of borders and interior elements. Let’s take an example. How to add white top border in Word?

First, add the border. Next, go to the last option, named Borders and Shading. A dialog box will open and you will see an option for colors. Click on it and select the white color. Your edges will turn white. You can also change the width of the lines. How to add border to Microsoft Word mobile app? Microsoft has yet to discover or add this functionality to mobile applications. So, for now, adding borders in the MS Word app is not available.

Editing border styles

You can do this easily if you want to change the borders and shading styles. Click the down arrow; the last option is ‘borders and shading.’ Click on it and you will see all the shadow options and border styles.

How to change the color of a top border in a word? You can change the color of the border lines from that dialog. Also, there is an option to change the inside color of the boxes. To change the width of the border, select the width from the same dialog. The maximum width is 6 points or 2.12mm.

Frequent questions


How do I create a custom border in Word?

Reply: First, open MS Word. Then hit home, go to the Borders option and click the down arrow. Finally, you will see an option named ‘Borders and shading.’ Click on it. You can customize the borders according to your wishes and create them in MS Word.

How do I change borders in Word?

Reply: After opening MS Word, press Home button and go to Borders option by clicking on the down arrow. Now select the last option called “Borders and Shading”. From that option, you will be able to change the borders according to your wishes, such as color, width, style, etc.

Where are the page borders in Word?

Reply: The option to add or customize a border on MS Word is in the Home button. First, you need to select Home. After that, go to the third row and in the center you will find a logo with a series of four squares. Click the arrow next to it and you’ll see the border adding or customizing options.

How do I insert a 1 inch border in Word?

Reply: Typically, there is no 1-inch border insertion option. The maximum border width is 6 points, which means 2.12MM.


Sometimes, finding options in MS Word is difficult. So we have explained all the tricks on how to add a top border in a word. After a few practices and applications, you won’t need to see this article again to add borders in MS Word. Lastly, we recommend several border applications as they will help you change your document tremendously.

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