How to Activate Theme Icons

One of the best things about Android 13 is the Material You design language. Google switched to UI last year, delivering bright colors and a vibrant UI that’s fun and engaging. Android 13 gives you more flexibility in choosing your color palette and widgets, and you also get more options for icons. You can now enable icons to use the same color palette as the rest of the UI, and it looks great – when it works. In this article we will try to teach you How to Activate Theme Icons on Android 13

The feature is called themed icons and is still in beta in Android 13. Toggle the app icons feature to monochrome, then overlay the dominant accent colors used throughout the UI. One way Android is trying to achieve this goal is by introducing the Theme Icons feature in Android 13. This feature gives users the ability to color all supported application icons with the same color palette for a complete theme unify the phone and its Experience. Below we have mentioned the steps to enable Theme Icons on Android smartphones.

How to Enable Theme Icons on Android 13

On your Pixel

  • Tap and hold on your home screen.
  • When a menu appears, hit “Wallpaper & style.”
  • Scroll down and tap “Themed icons.”

On your Galaxy device

  • Tap and hold on your home screen.
  • When a menu appears, press “Color palette.”
  • Toggle on “Apply palette to application icons.”

Final Words

We hope our article on how to use Theme Icons on Android 13 will help you and solve all your problems. Although the feature is designed to make icons look like part of the user interface, there are still too many services that don’t use monochrome icons, resulting in an ugly home screen look.

I hope you understand this article, Android 13: How to Activate Theme Icons.

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