How to Activate Mechanism in Genshin Effect

Genshin Impact 2.1 comes with two new islands for fans to explore: Seirai and Watatsumi. These places are opposed to each other; While Watatsumi has a calm vibe, Seirai is intense and dark. Even the center of the Seirai has been consumed by an eternal storm. In addition to new bosses and local specialties, Genshin Impact 2.1 brings more puzzles and quests to the new locations. Aside from the “Seirai Stormchasers” quest that unlocks the Thunder Show, there is another mystery quest on Seirai Island called “Relics of Seirai”. This article is about how to Activate Mechanism in Genshin Effect.

The world of Genshin Impact is filled with puzzles to discover and solve, and the massive puzzles of Chasm can be very difficult. Players must complete many of them if they plan to advance the game’s latest event as it continues to explore this deep dungeon. Liyue’s story is closely tied to The Chasm, and fans who want to learn more about his story must delve into its depths.

Genshin Effect: How to Activate a Mechanism

This part of The Heavenly Stone’s Debris takes place in the Stony Halls south of the main mining area in the Chasm. There are three mechanisms on the floor of the cave below you that are marked on your map – but they don’t work because there are purple goo blobs called Oozing Concretions nearby. To activate the mechanism, use your Lumenstone Adjuvant Gadget to remove the Oozing Concretions near the mechanism.

  • The first mechanism is simple; Remove the slime and then activate the mechanism
  • The second mechanism is very similar, but after removing the mud you must defeat the enemy that appears before activating the mechanism
  • The third mechanism requires you to climb a cliff; The guilty slime is a short walk around the corner from the mechanism itself. After removing the slime, you can activate the final mechanism and complete the quest

If you’re having trouble removing the purple slime, note that your Adjuvant Lumenstone must be level two or higher to remove Oozing Coincretions. It also needs to be replenished with energy from the nearby blue orbs. Talk to Jinwu to boost your Lumenstein Aide.

You need 16 Lumenspar to level it to level one, and eight Lumenspar and one Lumenstone Ore to level it to level two. With a fully updated widget, you should have no problem activating the mechanisms and proceeding with the quest. If you are up for a challenge.

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That’s it with our article on How to Activate a Mechanism in Genshin Effect. Players can learn how to activate an important mechanism in the Chasm, making it much easier for them to advance the story of the area.

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