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Almost all iPhone users love the iPhone, but if there’s one unfortunate thing, it’s almost always the devices’ battery life, or lack thereof. Almost everyone who uses their iPhone constantly adds some variation to this complaint, and for many of us, it’s also the first iPhone to charge all day, rather than charge it overnight and be ready for the next day. Adding a wall charger is never fun, so we’ll focus on some tips that are proven to work and extend battery life. As you can see, some of these methods have some potential drawbacks, and you need to decide if long-term batteries are worth the trade. It doesn’t apply to everyone, so mix and match the tips that suit your needs.

These tips extend the battery life of all iPhone users and all iOS versions, but you probably won’t need to bother with any of these unless your iPhone’s battery life really suffers. It’s usually pretty self-explanatory, because yes, for those of us affected by battery drain, the battery is 30-60% by noon despite moderate use. If you are not sure, you should use the battery to about 5 percent and then see how long the battery really lasted by checking usage statistics, if you only see a few hours of device use in fact, you may have an additional drain problem. can be solved with the tricks below.

1: Turn the brightness down and turn off the automatic adjustment

Setting the screen brightness low and disabling automatic adjustments can have a big impact. If you do nothing else suggested here, do this:

  • Open Settings and go to Brightness and Wallpaper
  • Slide the adjustment bar as far as it will go
  • Turn “Auto-Brightness” to OFF

Reduce the brightness and turn off the automatic adjustment

Yes, this makes it difficult to see the screen outdoors in direct sunlight, but it’s a small price to pay to use an iPhone much longer. This change alone can increase battery life by an hour or two, if not more.

2: Turn off LTE

You’ll remember that despite the criticism, Apple didn’t agree to LTE right away – and battery life is exactly why they waited. The iPhone 5 will definitely get better battery life than many other LTE devices, but it’s still not great. If you don’t use LTE much, turn it off and the battery will thank you.

Disable LTE

For us data-hungry folks, this hurts because LTE is part of what makes the iPhone 5 so great. But unfortunately, the use of LTE networks causes the mobile phone devices to use more power, which reduces battery life. You can also consider turning it off and on only when you need to do something quickly, but that’s a bit of an inconvenience.

3: Disable unnecessary location services

GPS uses a lot of battery, and many applications use location for a number of reasons. Every time you open or use a location-aware app, it consumes your battery life, so using as many location-aware services as possible will help extend your battery life. Literally disable this for anything you don’t want (basically weather, Maps, Google Maps and Find My iPhone are all things that should stay here).

  • Select Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Turn All Unnecessary Services OFF

Disable app location services

You can also go to the core and turn off all location services completely, but if you try to use Maps for directions, it won’t know where you are.

4: Disable unnecessary cell data usage

No, you don’t turn off cell phone data completely (although that would help, but of course your iPhone is much less useful), instead you turn off cell phone information only for non-essential items, like update iCloud documents. , iTunes data, FaceTime, Passbook updates, and Sync between reading list devices.

  • Go to Settings>General>Mobile>Change All in “Mobile Data Usage:” to OFF

Disable Mobile Data for Services and iCloud

This basically means that none of these services work or update during cellular connections, and instead the update depends on the wi-fi network. This reduces cell phone modem usage and extends battery life.

5: Disable email address and set the manual capture

This means that iPhone no longer checks for new messages on its own, meaning that if you want to know if you’re waiting for emails, you’ll need to launch the Mail app and update by pulling to check yourself .

  • Select Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Get New Info > turn Press OFF
  • In the same Settings menu, scroll to Search and select manually

Disable the Push setting and set the email to Retrieve manually

For those of us who need to receive new emails as quickly as possible, this is not the right choice. One compromise is to disable Push, but keep Fetch on with aggressive settings to get new emails faster, but it still kills the iPhone’s battery. If you can wait to check your email manually, go the manual route for maximum impact.

6: Turn off Bluetooth

Who uses Bluetooth all the time? Almost no one, so why do you have it all the time? Instead, do the following: turn it off and then on only when you’re using it for headphones or a keyboard. Otherwise, you are both sending a Bluetooth signal and searching for available devices, even if you don’t need it, and it consumes battery power.

  • Select Settings > Bluetooth > OFF

turn off bluetooth for better battery life

Fortunately, this isn’t buried deep, so it doesn’t really hurt to turn it on and off when needed, and for many of us, keeping it away is hardly a sacrifice. -all the time.

7: Disable unnecessary and push notifications

Bonus! Don’t forget to turn off unnecessary notifications and push alerts, which increase iPhone activity and can lead to low battery.

  • Go to Settings>Notifications>go through all unnecessary requests and select None

Repeat this as needed, and in the future, when new app downloads ask to allow Push notifications, consider “Don’t allow” instead.

Yes, there are plenty of other battery tips, but ultimately the six offered above make the biggest difference without you going too crazy with individual settings.

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