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One of my customers called me this morning and when he tries to play a video with GOM Player, the video image is stuck on the left side in window mode and when he tries to play the video in full screen mode, the video size is o said to change. doesn’t zoom and it stays on the left side of the screen and is not centered.

I log into his computer remotely and see the problem:


I have searched a lot on the internet about this problem, but I can’t find a solution. My next step was to uninstall and reinstall GOM Player from scratch, but no luck. Also, when I tried to reset GOM’s player preferences to Defaults, I got no results.

I decided to take a look at the preferences and settings of the GOM player. After several hours of testing I found the following solution:

1. Open GOM player preferences. To do this”F5“on your keyboard or”Right click“Mouse inside the GOM Player window and select “Advantages“.

2. In the Settings window, selectVideo“on the left.


3. Yes Video settings look to the right and find under “Video output“, Output type“settings


4. Using the right drop down arrow change “Output type“from”Default system settings


5. Close Preferences window.


6. Finally Shut down and It’s open Restart GOM Player and then try to play your videos.


Hope this helps!

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