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If Windows 10 is not syncing the time or displaying the wrong time, continue reading below to resolve the issue. After moving to a new country, you may have noticed that your computer is out of sync with the time in your new location. Your computer may also not sync to the correct time you have to manually update the date and time every time you restart the device and every time it restarts.

Problems with time synchronization usually occur when the Windows Time service is disabled or when Windows cannot synchronize time with an Internet time server: “An error occurred while synchronizing with Windows This operation has returned because it timed out.”.

In this guide, you will find several ways to solve time synchronization problems in Windows 11/10/8 or 7 OS.

How to Fix: Windows 10/11 Time Not Syncing – Time sync failed.

  1. Enable the time synchronization function.
  2. Start or restart the time service.
  3. Re-register Windows Time service and re-sync time.
  4. Change the Internet Time Server.

Method 1: Fix Windows out of sync time problem by enabling SynchronizeTime task.

The first step in solving time synchronization problems is to check whether the time synchronization feature is enabled in the task scheduler.

1. press at the same time Windows image + R Buttons to open the Run command window.

2. Type taskschd.msc then press OK To open the task table.


3. In the left pane of Task Scheduler, expand Task scheduler library -> Microsoft .> Windows.

FIX Windows 10 out of sync time.

4. under windows, scroll down and select Time synchronization.

Windows 10 won't sync

5. In the right panel, below Name right-click the column SynchronizeTime and press Turn on.

Synchronize time task

6. Close the Task Scheduler, then check if the time on the device is syncing. If the problem persists, proceed to method-2 below.

Method 2: Start/Restart Windows Time Service.

After the time synchronization task is enabled, proceed to start the Windows Time service (or restart it if it is already started).

1. click on Windows image + R Buttons to open the Run command window.

2. Type services.msc and press OK launch Services.


3. Find it Windows time among services, if it is running, right-click and Restart service However, if it is stopped, right click and select Start.

windows time service

4. Now check if the time is automatically synchronized.

Method 3. Re-register the Windows Time service and re-synchronize the time using the command line.

If the time is not synchronized in Windows 10, we can use the command line to re-register the Time service and then re-synchronize the time.

1. Enter in the search field cmd or command line and select Run as administrator.


2. Enter the following commands to unregister the time service by removing its configuration information from the registry and then resynchronize the time.

  • net stop w32time
  • w32tm / unregister
  • w32tm / registration
  • net start w32time
  • w32tm /resync /nowait

Windows time synchronization command

3. After all the commands are executed, restart the computer. Your time will be precisely synchronized.

Method 4: Use a different Internet time server.

Another way to solve time synchronization problems in Windows 10 is to change the Internet time server with which Windows is connected to synchronize the computer time.

1. click on Windows image + R Buttons to open the Run command window.

2. Type control date/time and press OK To open the Date and Time settings.


3. Make sure you specify the correct time zone in the Date and Time window.

Change the Windows Internet time server

4. Then select Internet time tab and click Change settings.


5. Make sure of it Synchronization with an Internet time server is considered checked. Then click the drop down menu and change Server Time. Click when done Update now.

FIX Windows does not synchronize time

6. Once it’s updated, the time on your device will sync correctly with the time zone you’re in. *

*Note: If, after following the above methods, your computer loses timing after shutting down, this indicates a bad CMOS battery. In this case, replace the CMOS battery in the device.

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