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Since I noticed that on some computers the Windows display language does not change at all or in some menus, I decided to write some instructions to solve these problems. Therefore, if you cannot change the display language in Windows 10, or if you notice that the language in some parts of Windows 10 (such as the “Settings” menu) is different from the language selected in the “Windows display language” option. , continue reading below.

How to fix: Windows 10 display language cannot be changed.

Method 1. Download the language pack.

A common cause of the “Windows 10 display language does not change” problem is that the language pack for the desired display language is not installed. To install a language pack for your preferred viewing language:

1. go to Start menu image -> Settings image -> Time and language.

FIX: Windows 10 display language does not change

2. Yes Language For options, click and select the language you want to be the Windows 10 display language Options. *

*Note: If the desired language is not listed, click + Add a language button and set the desired language with all functions.

FIX: Unable to change Windows 10 display language

3. click on Download the Language set and wait for the process to complete. Once that’s done, go ahead and download all the other resources for your chosen language. (Basic typing, handwriting and speech).

Download the Windows 10 language pack

4. Now go back to the previous screen and to the bottom Windows display language option, select the desired language.

FIX: Unable to change screen language in Windows 10

5. When prompted, click Yes, log out now apply language change.


6. Log back into Windows 10. *

*Note: Make sure you select the correct language for your password on the login screen (if you have one).

7. Now navigate again Start menu image -> Settings image -> Time and language.

8. Yes Language options, open the Administrative language settings.

Administrative language settings - Windows 10

9. click on Copy settings button.


10. Check the Welcome screen and system accounts and New user account click and click the boxes OK.

Change language settings on new and other user accounts

11. Close all windows and restart your PC to apply the change. *

*Note: If you want to display text in programs that do not support Unicode, change the system language to the desired language as well.

Change system location - Windows 10

Method 2. Remove and reset the display language.

One of the most effective solutions for troubleshooting problems related to the installation of the “Display language” in Windows 10 is to remove and add the display language again.

1. go to Start menu image -> Settings image -> Time and language.

2. Yes Language For options, tap the language you want to be the Windows 10 display language and tap Turn off.

Disable Windows 10 language

3. Restart your personal computer.

4. After restarting, go again Language select and press + Add languages button.

Add a language in Windows 10

5. Find the language you want from the list of languages ​​and click on it The next one.

Set the display language for Windows 10

6. Check all checkboxes set all language features and click Installation.


7. When the installation is complete, log out and back in to apply the language change.

8. Finally, apply steps 8-11 from method-1 above to apply language settings and new user accounts on the welcome screen.

Method 3. Fix Windows corruption errors using DISM and SFC tools.

If you can’t change the display language of Windows 10, follow the instructions below to fix Windows 10 and then proceed to change the display language again.

1. Open command prompt as administrator. For this:

1. Enter the following in the search field: cmd or command line
2. right click on it command line (result) and select Run as administrator.

command line administrator

2. In the command prompt window, type the following command and click Enter:

  • Dism.exe /Online /Cleanup-Image /Restorehealth

dism health recovery windows 10 8 7

3. Please be patient while DISM fixes the component store. After the operation is complete, (you should be notified that the corruption in the component store has been fixed), give this command and press the button. Enter:

sfc scan now windows 10-8

4. Once the SFC scan is complete, restart your computer.
5. Follow the instructions in method 2 above to set the desired display language.

That’s it! Which method worked for you?
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