FIX: USB 3.0 driver not recognized on VirtualBox machine with Windows 7. (Solved) –

If the USB 3.0 driver is not recognized in the VirtualBox guest machine, continue below to resolve the issue. A few days ago I tried to install a USB 3.0 driver in an Oracle VirtualBox VM running Windows 7. So I decided to write this guide to help others with the same problem.

Problem details: A USB 3.0 device or a USB 3.0 drive connected to a USB 3.0 port on the host computer cannot be attached or recognized in the VirtualBox Windows 7 guest machine.

This guide contains detailed instructions on how to get a USB 3.0 driver on a VirtualBox VM machine running Windows 7.

How to fix: Unable to connect USB 3 drives to Windows 7 VirtualBox machines.

Step 1. Install the VirtualBox extension package

To enable USB support (USB v2 or USB v3) on an Oracle VM VirtualBox Guest machine, you must install A collection of Oracle VM extensions on Host car. For this:

1. Turn off The guest VM machine.

2. Download and installation Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack (on the host machine). *

*Note: If you are using an older version of VirtualBox, download and install the extension package for that version from here.

Step 2. Enable USB 3.0 controller in VirtualBox machine settings.

To use USB devices in VirtualBox Guest OS, you need to enable USB controller in VM settings. So open up USB guest car options and…

1. Enable USB Controller
2. Choose the USB 3.0 (xHXI) controller check the box.

enable the usb 3.0 controller virtual box

Step 3. Install the VirtualBox guest additions on the Windows 7 guest machine.

To take full advantage of VirtualBox, you must install Guest Add-ons, which include device drivers and system applications that optimize the guest operating system for better performance and usability.

1. Start VM machine.
2. From the VM menu, go to Devices and click on it Guest Additions Insert CD Image…

Install the VirtualBox guest additions

3. The Guest Add-ons installer should start automatically after 2-3 seconds.* The next one and follow the rest of the instructions to install the VirtualBox guest add-ons.

*Note: If the installer does not start automatically, open Explorer and run the “VBox WindowsAdditions” application on the booted CD image.

 VirtualBox Guest Additions

4. Restart Windows 7 VM and proceed to the next step.

Step 4. Install the Intel USB 3.0 drivers on the Windows 7 guest machine.

The most important step in working with USB 3.0 drivers in VirtualBox is to install the USB 3.0 drivers on the Guest Windows 7 operating system. *

*Note: Windows 10 and Windows 8.1. It supports USB 3.0 and you don’t need to install any drivers.

1. Start VM machine.
2. Download and install the USB 3.0 driver compatible with your Intel processor generation below:

Step 5. Connect the USB 3.0 drive to the VM machine.

Finally, go ahead and connect the USB 3.0 drive to the VM machine. For this:

1. From the VM machine menu, go to Devices > USB and click the USB 3.0 driver that you want to install on the guest operating system.

FIX: USB 3.0 driver not recognized in VirtualBox guest.

2. Open Explorer and you should see the USB 3 drive attached inside the VM. *

*Note: If you’re still having trouble recording USB 3.0 devices in VirtualBox after following the instructions above, see here.

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