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PowerPoint is a powerful tool that can be used to create or view presentations. One of the common mistakes that PowerPoint users face is “Sorry, PowerPoint can’t read the file… The presentation can’t be opened. Your antivirus program may prevent you from opening the presentation“, or”PowerPoint found a problem with the content in the PPT file.”

FIX Unable to open presentation

This usually happens when the system is blocking the file or because of certain settings in PowerPoint.

Don’t panic if your system is having trouble opening a PowerPoint file. In this guide, we have compiled some fixes that will help you resolve the following PowerPoint errors:

  • PowerPoint found a problem with the content in the PPT file.
  • Sorry, PowerPoint cannot read the PPTX file.
  • Presentation cannot be opened.

How to fix: Cannot open PowerPoint file in Windows 10.

To fix errors when trying to open a PowerPoint presentation, try the following before moving on to the methods listed below:

1. Check the name of the PowerPoint file you can’t open and make sure it doesn’t have a dot before the “pptx” extension. Files with such names are sometimes considered malicious by antivirus programs.

For example, if the PowerPoint file is named “Presentation_File.19.10.2020.pptx”, remove all dots other than “.pptx” from the name (for example, rename the file to “Presentation_File_19_10_2020.pptx”).

2. If the PowerPoint file comes from a trusted source and your antivirus program blocks the file, temporarily disable your antivirus program and then try to open the PPT file.

Method 1: Unblock the PowerPoint file

If you see the error “Sorry, PowerPoint cannot read the .PPTX file” in a PowerPoint file that you downloaded from the Internet or received as an attachment in your mail, unblock the file and try to open it by following the steps below.

1. Right click select and select in the PowerPoint file that is not opening Characteristics from the menu.


2a. In the properties window, make sure you are in General Tab.

2b. under the window check the Unblock The option next to the security warning message is “This the file came from another computer and may have been blocked to protect that computer“, and then press Please apply & OK to save the setting.

Unlock security

3. Finally, try opening the PowerPoint file that you can’t open.

Method 2. Turn off Protected View settings in PowerPoint.

1. Open PowerPoint.
2a. click on it File menu and…


2b. …to choose Options from the left side.


3. Dan PowerPoint options window, select Trust Center on the left and click to open Trust Center Settings.

Powerpoint Options - Confidence Center

4. In Trust Center drop down window:

1. Choose Protected view from the left side.

2. Remove all three options from the right side as shown below.

3. Click on OK to apply the change.

Turn off Protected View PowerPoint

5. press OK again to close PowerPoint options mirror
6. Now try to open the PowerPoint presentation.

Method 3: Make a copy of the PPT file that won’t open.

In some cases, the presentation cannot be opened because it is damaged or stored in the wrong/corrupt location on the disk. Therefore, try to copy the presentation to another location (folder) on the disk. For this:

1. Select the damaged PPT file.

2. press CTRL + C Buttons to copy PPT file.

3. Go to your desktop (or anywhere else you want) and click on the buttons Ctrl+V to place the file.

4. Now try to open the presentation.

Method 4: Create a blank PPT file in the same location as the damaged PPT file. *

*Note: Although this method may seem a little strange, it works in some cases.

1. Open PowerPoint.
2. Dan File press the menu button new and then press Empty presentation.

Create a blank presentation

3. Now click the button Ctrl+S Open the “Save as” window using the keys.

4. In Save otherwise window, look at the location of the damaged PPT file.

*Note: In this case, the problematic PPT file is on the Desktop, so navigate to the Desktop location.

5. give a proper name To the presentation and Save Take the presentation to the damaged area.


6. Try to open the damaged PPT file.

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